Bettye Jim Morgan

Bettye Jim may not have any Irish in her heritage, but her crystal blue eyes are always smiling.  Maybe that’s not because of where her ancestors were born, but because she’s had a life well lived.  And she’s now happily living a life she enjoys.  She’s been a Lenbrook resident for nearly two years.

Bettye Jim lived all over the country but considers Mississippi her real home.  It’s there where she received a degree from Bellhaven College, in Jackson MS, which allowed her a cherished career as a first grade teacher.  She was passionate about teaching and claims she never met a child she didn’t love.  She truly believes it was the career she was meant to have because, according to Bettye Jim, “People can be taught to teach, but true teachers are born to teach!  You know who you are!  So do the children!”

In addition to a teaching degree, Bettye Jim acquired a husband in the Mississippi Delta, Mr. William Morgan.  With him she had three daughters, one of which ended up in Atlanta and now lives just down the street from Lenbrook.

You could say that Bettye Jim’s life at Lenbrook is fairly poetic.  She spends her days among friends doing Tai Chi, playing Bridge, taking aerobics.  But her life is particularly harmonic now because Bettye Jim is actually Lenbrook’s resident poet!  She is part of the community’s Writers’ Round Table that meets every month.  She loves crafting words and putting pen to paper and apparently, the community loves her skills, as well.  She is often asked to contribute verses to kick-off Lenbrook events or to honor other residents or special days. 

Bettye Jim truly loves her life at Lenbrook.  She’s active, happy, productive, and has many new, interesting friends, who stay busy just like her.  These days, both Bettye Jim’s heart and eyes are smiling plenty.  That’s because, for her, life is poetry in motion at Lenbrook. 

One never knows where the path shall lead –

One stumbles around

Testing the ground!

I have found simply embracing the creed

Of acceptance – wherever I may be found,

It’s the way to be happy ­– the way to live

I  don’t ever forget I have much to give!!


“Even as a little girl, I always loved books.  Every week I would walk to the library and get a book that would take me to another world.  I was an only child, so books became my companions.  Now, I have my own collection including a very special first edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.  And I still frequent the library often…now at Lenbrook!”

Words to live by.

“To have a friend, you have to be a friend.”   And Bettye Jim has found many at Lenbrook.

Favorite thing about Lenbrook.

“I love, love, love it!   At Lenbrook, I have everything I want.  I do not lack anything.  There is so much to do every day.  Yet I have my beautiful apartment and peace and quiet if I need it.”

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