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Throughout our lives, we all make a number of important moves – and often, these moves are powered by love. More than likely, you’ve moved with your family as you were growing up; you moved away to school, to join the service or to accept a new job; you moved when you found your true love and started your own family. Sometimes, making the move was easy, but sometimes, it took a lot of late-night talks with the people who loved - and love - you.

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Even though the move from the home where you have lived for a long time to a smaller residence in Lenbrook can be stressful, our Move-in Team is here to help you every step of the way.

Once a new resident has selected their new home on our beautiful campus in the heart of Buckhead, either in the Brookhaven or Lenox Towers or in the brand-new Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion, we jump into action.

Image for U.S. Military Veterans at Lenbrook Continue to Serve and Support

Veterans Day, the official United States public holiday, is observed annually on November 11, and honors all military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces.

More than 125 resident veterans currently call Lenbrook home. They have served in many different functions in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, during times of war dating back to World War II, and during times of peace.

We also count a number of younger military veterans among Lenbrook’s Associates who continue to serve and support all who live and work at Lenbrook. They are:

Image for Focus on Fitness Strengthens Your Outlook

As Lenbrook’s Fitness Manager, it’s is remarkable to see how many Lenbrook residents, some at a very advanced age, enjoy our state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Our Fitness Center is vital to the long-term wellbeing of all of Lenbrook’s residents, and every Lenbrook resident, after completing his or her health questionnaire and other documents needed for complimentary membership, has unlimited access. During regular times, we offer a wide variety of group classes and access to our magnificent and sparkling indoor pool and our top-of-the-line workout machines.

Image for Lenbrook’s Backpack Buddies Continue to Fight Hunger – Especially Now

Did you know that at Dresden Elementary School, not too far from Lenbrook, 93% of more than its 1,000 students qualified as Title One students? Before the onset of the pandemic, they received free and reduced-price meals during the school week, but unfortunately, often had to go without healthy, nutritious meals during the weekends.

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Lenbrook Technology Ambassadors Help Fellow Residents Embrace K4 Community

With the roll-out of the K4Community app in 2019, Lenbrook officially became Georgia’s first smart senior living community. The intuitive, easy-to-use smart technology solution, designed by K4Connect and created specifically for residents, staff and operators of communities like Lenbrook, features several ways to stay in touch safely and securely. K4Connect can be downloaded to any smart device and has a simple, elegant interface. 

Image for  A Labor of Love: Weekly Wellness Calls Define the Core of Our Community

Definition of community: a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
When we first began to see the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear to all of us at Lenbrook that we would need to shift and adjust as a community – quickly, and with intention.  

Image for Clear Eyes, Caring Hearts, Team Spirit Guide Our Associates

One of the few consistent things I look forward to during this turbulent time is that almost every day I hear from one or more of our residents who want to share their heartfelt appreciation for our associates. They, and I, are in awe of the work our associates are doing in spite of possible feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration. This horrible Coronavirus knows no boundaries and our residents are especially vulnerable. We all understand the potential impact that this virus could have on our community.