Image for Mona’s Got It RITE, Right Now

At Lenbrook, our residents’ satisfaction comes from having associates who are caring, competent, and responsive, and we use the RITE Reward program to reward associates for demonstrating exemplary service and values: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence.

Every quarter, Lenbrook residents and associates select one RITE Associate, and the
Q4 winner (ending in June 2020) was Mona Williams, Concierge at Lenbrook’s Front Desk.

Mona, who obtained her BA in criminal justice from Fort Valley State University, started her career in law enforcement and corrections. Five years ago, she joined the Lenbrook Security team, and volunteered to be cross-trained in different departments. “I really wanted to expand my skills, especially in the area of customer service, which is quite a difference from law enforcement’s focus on strictly following the rules,’” she said. When an opening occurred three years ago, Mona was promoted to Concierge at the Front Desk, and has been an integral part of Lenbrook’s central hub ever since.

“Most of all, I love being the smiling face of Lenbrook. I am able to help our residents, visitors, vendors and staff every day in big and small ways, and have found out how important it is to carefully listen and to communicate clearly.”

Mona continued: “I am thankful that our management team provided me with the tools I needed to successfully navigate my new role. It’s a joy to be appreciated every day.”

Mona, who is known throughout the Lenbrook community for her jovial and happy outlook (“Good MerTin, Everyone!”), lives to walk in integrity. “My friends may describe me first as ‘entertaining,’ but my credo is: ‘What would you do when no one is watching?’”

Congratulations, Mona, with this well-deserved recognition. Thank you for bringing joy to all of us at Lenbrook!