Image for “Lenny” the Robot Is at Your Service at Lenbrook

Who says senior living can’t be innovative and cutting-edge?  Lenbrook and Morrison Living, its culinary service provider, embrace the future with the introduction of “Lenny” the Robot.  This high-tech robot is part of the restaurant staff at Lenbrook to assist in supporting servers during mealtimes.  

Morrison Living consistently shows that it is an innovative and progressive company, and “Lenny” shows that through the use of the latest technology and even some extra fun for Lenbrook’s residents. “Lenny” helps with drink service, bussing, and food running.  This will mean less running around and less heavy lifting for the servers.

“Lenny” can hold two 16-inch trays including a drink tray and one bus tub.  He weighs in about 72 lbs. and has a battery life of 8-12 hours.  He is easily charged through a wall charger and is controlled by an external tablet or his attached touchscreen. 

“Lenny” is quickly becoming part of the family at Lenbrook. We wouldn’t dream of replacing our current servers with a robot but giving them the opportunity to spend more time with the residents and less time running to and from the kitchen benefits everyone. We are providing a top-notch community for our seniors and adding Lenny to the staff shows our commitment to exploring the innovative ways we can benefit from technology!