Image for Leading Age’s “Joyful Hearts” Photo Exhibit Honors Professional Lenbrook Caregivers  

On October 24, LeadingAge, the national association of nonprofit providers of aging services, unveiled Joyful Hearts, a public photo exhibit in Centennial Park to celebrate the compassion, dedication, and warmth of professional caregivers at three Atlanta senior living communities, including Lenbrook. 

Deke Cateau, a member of the LeadingAge national Board of Directors and CEO of A.G. Rhodes, noted at the ribbon-cutting: “Through images and words, this collection opens a door into our world and captures the exhilaration and the strength born from the act of giving care. The themes from caregivers’ stories, of love and of family, convey a truth that we aim to share with a wider audience. This work is the heart and soul of aging services. It is both a job and a calling; it is a profession that must be understood and respected.” 

Felecia Sveda, Vice President of Hospitality Services, Lenbrook adds: “We’re honored to share these images in recognition of our dedicated staff. We appreciate their essential work daily and applaud their ongoing commitment and devotion to our residents.” 

Photographer Heidi Wagner photographed professional caregivers at A.G. Rhodes, Lenbrook, and Presbyterian Homes of Georgia, to shine a light into how aging services provide the extra help older adults may need to keep contributing and better enjoy life.

Excerpts from gallery photo captions, below: 

Laverne Guinn 
“Before I got certified in this field, I took care of my father. He told me: ‘if you can take care of me, you can take care of anyone.’ I love this work; these 30 years have been wonderful.”

Lonette Martin 
“I love people. And you get so attached you know. I tell a lot of the younger Certified Nursing Assistants—regardless of what they teach you in the books—it has to come from the heart. You have to really love what you do, and you have to have compassion.” 

Cupid Stroman 
“This work is a joy. I feel like it was my calling from the time I was born.”

Kia Cunegin
“I am a trailblazer.”