Image for Knowing What Others Need Drives Director of Housekeeping to Build Strong Team

Danielle Conner, Director, Housekeeping, says the secret to building and leading a successful team is paying attention to what team members need and treating them with respect. That’s the philosophy she applies with the Lenbrook Housekeeping team. 

“I believe that your leadership is only as good as your team and vice versa,” Danielle said. “There’s no ‘I’ in team. The associates are the heart of the department, and we work together.”

Danielle joined Lenbrook in 2018. Since then, she worked in several roles before moving to her current one in August 2022. Before coming to Lenbrook, she worked in the senior living field for more than 17 years and has a passion for working with older adults. 

In her current role, Danielle is responsible for hiring and leading the group of 40 people who take care of the residences and gathering spaces within the Lenbrook community. Many of these team members were referred by associates who were already part of the Housekeeping team and shared what they enjoyed about working at Lenbrook on Danielle’s team. 

“I am a firm believer of knowing your team members and working with them,” Danielle said. “I learn about them and do my best to set up schedules that meet their needs as well as Lenbrook’s. I also encourage my team to treat each other and our residents as they want to be treated. That shows respect and caring.”

Danielle is a Certified Nurse Technician and holds Certified Medical Assistant and Medical Billing and Insurance Coding certifications from United Education Institute. Earning these degrees fulfilled the promise she made to her grandfather that she would continue her healthcare education. 

A native of Atlanta, Danielle now lives in Decatur and loves to spend time with her family and cooking.