Image for Seeking Simplicity in Smaller Spaces

“I really wanted something simple,” said Libba Wight when talking about her search to find a new home. Like her parents before her, Libba found that Lenbrook had the right-sized residence to suit her needs. At 900 square feet, her new one-bedroom home is just what she wanted. “My parents lived at Lenbrook, and it was such a positive experience for both of them. When my mother started needing additional help, the healthcare staff took great care of her.” Libba was a member of the Advantage Club and moved in right before the pandemic. She believes that her timing couldn’t have been better. “I was fortunate to already live at Lenbrook when COVID hit. Everything was taken care of, and I was safe and secure. I also met so many people walking outside in the garden and we all bonded quickly – the people here are so nice and wonderful!”

Leaving behind a larger home was not a concern for Libba. She kept everything she wanted – all her important treasures came with her and found a special place in her new home. “The open plan makes my home feel spacious. It’s easy to care for and I have the same amenities as every other resident. It’s so fun living here! You can do as much or as little as you want. It’s like being on a cruise ship!”


“I was first introduced to Lenbrook 35 years ago when I volunteered to play the piano for some of the residents,” said Ralph Russell. “I was impressed from the beginning!” Now, in his 80s, Ralph is living at Lenbrook and brought his large grand piano with him. After retiring from his career at Georgia State University, Ralph and his wife stayed in the Atlanta area for a while then moved to the beach. Since his wife’s passing, Ralph’s daughter encouraged him to move back to Atlanta. They toured many senior communities, but Lenbrook was always his first choice. 

Downsizing to a one-bedroom residence was not difficult for Ralph, he had already given many of his possessions away. “All I need are my photos, prints, and a piano,” he said. “That’s what has meaning for me. Those are the things that I simply can’t get along without.” He encourages others to do the same: “Be ruthless and decide what really means something and then keep it. Learn to let go.” 

In his new residence, Ralph doesn’t feel crowded at all – even with the grand piano. “The floor plan is ideal for the piano. It’s so efficiently built. The closet and pantry are spacious with lots of shelves and storage.” One of the benefits Ralph enjoys the most at Lenbrook is the swimming pool. “I swim laps every day and this is the first place I’ve ever lived that I don’t have to drive somewhere to swim. It’s great for my exercise routine – then I can enjoy the delicious food at the Lenbrook restaurants. I love the Southern-style vegetables!”


“Leaving behind a larger home was easy for me and I don’t miss my house at all,” said Meriel Gregory. “I had been a widow for 10 years while I continued to live in our home in Brookhaven but wanted to move while I still felt great and could do things for myself and enjoy all the great amenities Lenbrook has to offer.” Meriel’s parents had moved into an independent living community when they got older. She had always considered that as a gift, and she wanted to do the same for her son. “I wanted my son and his family to be free to travel and do what they wanted rather than worry about me. Now I live in a community with my peers, I’m not isolated, and I have no worries about keeping up a house. All that hassle is gone and I’m happy and safe in my residence at Lenbrook.”

Downsizing was easy for Meriel too. “I was ready for something smaller. Out with the old Oriental rugs and large tables and chairs! Now, I have all the things I love with more space than I need. A new place and a new look thanks to my designer and move-in manager!” Meriel moved to Lenbrook in February 2022. She still drives to workout with her personal trainer but also uses the pool and fitness center when she doesn’t feel like leaving the campus. “The Lenbrook lifestyle is so appealing,” she said “I have great dining choices that are as simple or as elegant as I’m in the mood for. I go to fine arts presentations, listen to fascinating speakers, attend the symphony on the Lenbrook bus, or enjoy quiet time at home.”  Meriel feels she has the freedom to choose what she wants to do and when. “I moved to Lenbrook at just the right time. I’m still active and can meet people and participate in as many activities as I want … and live with everything I love. All in one place.”