Image for Lenbrook celebrates Women’s History Month: Anne Hansen

From 50s Fashion Icon to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Lenbrook Women Make History  
Many very accomplished women live at Lenbrook. During Women’s History Month, we will share some of their stories and advice.

Anne Hansen Enjoyed Multiple Careers at Notable Atlanta Organizations

Anne Hansen, Chair of Lenbrook’s Excursion Committee, has enjoyed several careers. She worked for Delta Air Lines in Reservations and the ticket office for eight years. Then, once she had three children under the age of three, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Later, she volunteered at the High Museum of Art for almost two decades, then worked as a programmer at the Georgia Council of International Visitors, then led it for four years.

At the High Museum, she worked as a docent for 17 years. She also served as the president of the High Museum Members Guild which focused on the organization’s volunteers and on the High Museum Board of Directors. During her time at the Museum, she planned and led 16 art trips for members to several cities within the U.S. as well to as England and Canada.

Anne notes that some of her proudest career accomplishments happened while she served as the Members Guild president. “We produced the first High Museum cookbook and held an auction on air on WSB TV. I also really enjoyed planning and guiding the trips.”

Later, Anne became a programmer for the Georgia Council for International Visitors and ultimately served as its Executive Director for four years. Regarding how to choose work or volunteer activities, Anne advises, “Think long-term. Do what you really enjoy doing even if it doesn't pay as much as something else.”

Anne is a mother of three and a grandmother of eight. She and her husband Lew moved to Lenbrook in 2014, because it offered the best amenities, activities, associates, apartment choices, and healthcare. Today, she appreciates the superb level of associate support at Lenbrook. “Don’t wait until you think you are ready to move – because then it’s too late. Come now and enjoy being an active part of this community!”