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Believe it or not, the average adult spends 1,400 hours a year hunched over a Smartphone. This constant "forward or anterior head position" (also known as humpback posture) often leads to unexpected problems. The most prevalent disorder is “Text Neck." I'd like to share some tips for avoiding Text Neck and several relief exercises that are quick and easy to do.

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A resident recently commented to me, "I've been here eight years and Lenbrook looks just as beautiful today as it did my first day here." It made me smile as I headed into a budget meeting where we would be talking about the very thing that engenders a "WOW" impression when you first walk in our doors: appealing amenities. The real WOW, I’ve learned however, comes when amenities are enduring – when you are able to keep them fresh and relevant year after year.

Continuous Investment in Physical Inventory

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Generally, when people think about the word "responsive" they think about quick action. However, well-known author and TED Talk speaker Simon Sinek says, “It’s better to go slow in the right direction then to go fast in the wrong direction.” It is true that the proper definition for responsive is “reacting quickly and positively.” So if we are measuring quality in our organization (which we are), shouldn’t we have a process for responding?

Anticipate the Issue

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Lenbrook is committed to excellence in all areas, so the commitment to providing exceptional health services is no different.

What makes Lenbrook unique is having the full range of health services under one roof. This means that Lenbrook Residents have access to a full continuum of care on one campus offering in-home care and seamless transitions for short- and long-term needs. The on-site Health Services at Lenbrook include the Clinic, Assisted Living Suites, and Health Care Center as well as home care and assistance from Menders by Lenbrook.

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As Atlanta’s only not-for-profit Life Plan Community to achieve international accreditation and an investment-grade rating, Lenbrook is proud to be in the top six percent of senior living communities. Lenbrook is governed by an independent Board of Directors and management team whose top priority is achieving its mission: to enable residents to enjoy the gifts of independence, good health, and personal fulfillment to the fullest extent possible through the community’s programs and services.  

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Dr. Godfrey Oakley knows a thing or two about the importance of good healthcare. He is a retired pediatrician from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who now directs the Spina Bifida Prevention Center at the Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. There, he works to help prevent birth defects by promoting the intake of folic acid before and during pregnancy.

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Excellence and teamwork thrive at Lenbrook, and it shows! Lenbrook Associates’ dedication to these community core values was recently rewarded when Lenbrook earned a deficiency-free rating from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services after the unscheduled three-day review of the Health Care Center. This is the fourth time in five years that Lenbrook has achieved this distinctive rating.

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Wellness is at the Center of the Lenbrook Lifestyle

Wellness is a popular subject today, but what does it really mean? The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) defines wellness as the ability to understand, accept, and act upon our capacity to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life. That definition feels fitting since we strive to provide access and opportunity for residents to live their best, most engaged life.

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Congratulations to the Lenbrook Strikers croquet team which took third place in the first annual United States Croquet Association Georgia Cup Tournament in late April! Ten Lenbrook Residents played in the competition – their first tournament as a team. Team members were Dottie Blitch, Dave Dimling, Barbara Eddins, Jeanne Gambrell, Bob Hunter, Paula Imlay, Jim Manley, Lamar Oglesby, Lee Thomas, and Elaine Wecksler. 

The competition opened with a Friday night ceremony and practice play. Games started early Saturday morning and ran through late Sunday afternoon.


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