Image for Be Smart About Smartphone Posture

Believe it or not, the average adult spends 1,400 hours a year hunched over a Smartphone. This constant "forward or anterior head position" (also known as humpback posture) often leads to unexpected problems. The most prevalent disorder is “Text Neck." I'd like to share some tips for avoiding Text Neck and several relief exercises that are quick and easy to do.

Image for Why Amenities Are More Than Just Beautiful

A resident recently commented to me, "I've been here eight years and Lenbrook looks just as beautiful today as it did my first day here." It made me smile as I headed into a budget meeting where we would be talking about the very thing that engenders a "WOW" impression when you first walk in our doors: appealing amenities. The real WOW, I’ve learned however, comes when amenities are enduring – when you are able to keep them fresh and relevant year after year.

Continuous Investment in Physical Inventory

Image for Responsive- More Than A Reflex?

Generally, when people think about the word "responsive" they think about quick action. However, well-known author and TED Talk speaker Simon Sinek says, “It’s better to go slow in the right direction then to go fast in the wrong direction.” It is true that the proper definition for responsive is “reacting quickly and positively.” So if we are measuring quality in our organization (which we are), shouldn’t we have a process for responding?

Anticipate the Issue

Image for Seeking Simplicity in Smaller Spaces

“I really wanted something simple,” said Libba Wight when talking about her search to find a new home. Like her parents before her, Libba found that Lenbrook had the right-sized residence to suit her needs. At 900 square feet, her new one-bedroom home is just what she wanted. “My parents lived at Lenbrook, and it was such a positive experience for both of them. When my mother started needing additional help, the healthcare staff took great care of her.” Libba was a member of the Advantage Club and moved in right before the pandemic. She believes that her timing couldn’t have been better.

Image for Planning with a Parent: A Lenbrook Resident and Her Daughter Share Tips

Helping a parent plan to move to a senior living community can feel daunting. There are many decisions to make about where to move, when to transition, and what to take or sell. Lenbrook Resident Marlyn Blackwell and her daughter Leigh Ann Ayres share their tips about making the planning and moving process as smooth as possible. 

Image for Knowing What Others Need Drives Director of Housekeeping to Build Strong Team

Danielle Conner, Director, Housekeeping, says the secret to building and leading a successful team is paying attention to what team members need and treating them with respect. That’s the philosophy she applies with the Lenbrook Housekeeping team. 

“I believe that your leadership is only as good as your team and vice versa,” Danielle said. “There’s no ‘I’ in team. The associates are the heart of the department, and we work together.”

Image for Senior Living Design Can Be Exciting and Customized!

Think senior living design is stuffy? Think again. Dark, stuffy, and generic design is out and has been replaced with open floor plans, high ceilings, beautiful lighting, art walls, and custom cabinetry.  

“When we started looking for a senior living community, we thought we were doing it as a favor to our children. Let’s do this before we have to,” said Adrienne Findley. “Now that we’ve moved into Lenbrook we realize that what we did goes far beyond doing it for our kids – we did it for us! We’re so lucky to live here.”

Image for Solve This Unique Lenbrook Equation: 4 + 1 + 2 x 500 = 97,000

What do four indoor dining venues plus one outdoor seasonal dining location plus two on-site convenience stores multiplied by 500 residents add up to at Lenbrook?  Until mid-August, they equaled 97,000 plastic takeout containers that were each used just once and then discarded! 

With sustainability as a priority at Lenbrook, the Dining Team was resolved to do something about it. In July 2022, team members began evaluating ways to reduce the impact on the environment from the takeout containers. 

Image for Lenbrook Health Care Center Earns Stellar Ratings from CMS

The ratings are in, and the winners are…. Lenbrook’s Health Care Center and the residents it serves! Each quarter, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reviews skilled nursing facility data and issues ratings using a one to five scale. Lenbrook’s Center – which has 60 private skilled nursing suites, is Medicare-certified, and offers rehabilitation services, memory care, and long-term nursing care – earned stellar ratings that were recently announced:
* Overall Quality: Five Stars
* Staffing: Five Stars
* Health Inspection: Five Stars

Image for Programs and Events Make Living at Lenbrook a Rich Experience

Kerry Gore, Events Coordinator, is one of the key members of Lenbrook’s Enrichment team. “This is a really fun job,” she said in a recent interview. “When you love what you’re doing, everything falls into place.” Kerry, who had more than 15 years of experience in the food and catering business serving as a Banquet Captain at one of Atlanta’s major downtown hotels, started at Lenbrook in 2014 in Fine Dining. Her events background led her to become Catering Supervisor, and in 2019, she was promoted to Events Coordinator at Lenbrook.


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