Provider Receives Out-of-This-World Thank You from Residents

August 14, 2020

When the residents of Lenbrook, a life plan community in Atlanta, GA, decided to thank the organization for its work during the pandemic, they thought way, way, way out of the box.

One Lenbrook resident knows a NASA scientist, Dr. Tony Phillips, who is involved with Earth to Sky Calculus, an organization founded by a group of high school students in 2010.

Several times per month, Earth to Sky Calculus sends special helium balloons aloft, “to search for new life forms in the stratosphere and to monitor the effects of cosmic radiation on Earth’s atmosphere.” The balloons routinely achieve altitudes of 112,000 feet (more than 21 miles). Once that altitude is reached, the balloon breaks, and a parachute brings the camera and instruments down. The program raises money, in part, by allowing people to send objects up with the balloons, to be photographed while in the stratosphere.

The Lenbrook residents sent up a sign that reads, “Lenbrook’s management is HIGHLY valued by all residents.” Framed against the background of the Earth below, it’s an arresting photo.

“I am humbled when I think about what our residents have had to endure and what our associates have had to balance by coming to work—with their pressures at home and the challenges at work,” says Lenbrook President and CEO Chris Keysor. “To see what great lengths our residents have gone to show their appreciation is extraordinary.”


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