Life at Lenbrook is a Full-Time Job!

Last summer I moved to Lenbrook primarily because I wanted to help make things easier for my children when and if I need additional care. But now that I’m here, I often wonder why I didn’t make the move sooner! Atlanta’s been my home since 1956, so in addition to my new friends at Lenbrook, I have all of my “old” friends and outside activities too. I have to keep a calendar to blend my Lenbrook life and my “outside life.” 

I often say, “Life at Lenbrook is a full-time occupation.” And that’s a good thing! I love taking advantage of the exercise programs, playing duplicate bridge, going to our various lectures, programs and book reviews, and not cooking meals when I don’t want to. 

Since I’ve lived in Atlanta so long, I already knew a half dozen or so Lenbrook residents before I even moved in. In fact, I met some of these friends while playing in a bridge group years ago. Even if you move here from another city, I can promise you that you will find us to be a welcoming community and you will make friends in no time. 

With so many caring, interesting and intelligent residents here I make an effort to eat dinner with as many “new” people as possible. I even jot down their names to keep track. We have The Bistro and The Grill, but I admit my favorite is Lenbrook’s Fine Dining restaurant. 

My husband, Ed Harris, and I were married 49 years and raised four children together. One of our sons still lives here in Atlanta. After Ed passed away, I sold our home and moved into a condo where I lived for 12 years. So I was used to apartment-type living. But at Lenbrook we have so much more with the health services, valet, concierge, and the fellowship of a caring and fun community. 

My advice to anyone considering a move is to go ahead and move while you can really enjoy all the things the community offers. Don’t wait!

Lillo Harris and her husband Ed made Atlanta their home base in between various career moves to England, New Jersey and France. Lillo holds a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Alabama, and Ed made his career as a CPA with Price Waterhouse. They raised four children whom Lillo considers to be her “proudest accomplishment.” She now has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.