Image for  Transformations through the Lens of Well-Being

We all know that ‘selfies,’ photographic self-portraits, are a fun way to capture a moment in time, tell a story and share it. While “selfies” are especially popular with younger people, portrait photography is a remarkable way to catch a glimpse of a smile, glance or feeling -- if just for an instant -- and reveal the inner self of the portrait’s subject at a specific instance in their life.

Portrait photography is also an interesting medium to express well-being, especially when you define well-being as a combination of Identity, Growth, Autonomy, Security, Connectedness, Meaning and Joy – the seven distinct domains of well-being.

What gives each person a sense of well-being is unique to the individual, however, at Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s upcoming exhibit at The Woodruff Arts Center (September 18-29), visitors will be able to marvel how two unique groups of people – residents of Atlanta’s premier Life Plan Community, Lenbrook and inpatient teenagers at two Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) hospitals - are able to express their individual well-being through portrait photography. 

“Atlanta Celebrates Photography is proud to partner with two very different - but very inspirational - groups of people for this illuminating view of wellbeing,” says Amy Miller, Executive Director of ACP. “While it may seem that teenagers and seniors have little in common, the domains of wellbeing are exactly the same. It is the emphasis on different aspects of wellbeing that changes as one’s life evolves, or as one faces life’s challenges. Come join us, and be inspired to celebrate the seven domains of wellbeing in your own lives!”

Approximately 70 Lenbrook residents participated in this extraordinary project which included photography sessions combined with writing and sharing their personal stories that accompany their “Transformation” portraits. The result is a collection of faces, feelings, and captured moments that will amaze and delight young and old alike.

The special free exhibit at The Woodruff Arts Center’s Beachamp Carr Gallery, “Transformations Through the Lens of Well-Being,” is open to the public from September 18 – 29, 2018. The Artist’s Reception will be held September 22 from 11AM-1PM.