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A year ago, I would not have said this, but what I tell my friends and family now about moving to Lenbrook is: “This is just so right for us!”

It was very hard for me to move from our Sea Island home of 18 years. Reid, my husband of more than 60 years and I left our whole life behind: our bright and airy home, our friends, our church, our doctors. I felt that I had to start all over again, rebuilding our life. I must say that I had to dip into a reservoir of strength and courage to make the move. 

Of course, for my pragmatic husband, it was not hard to move to Lenbrook, which to us is the very best retirement community in Atlanta: he no longer would have to worry about maintaining our home, yard or pool! He approached our move back to Atlanta, where we had raised our family, in a practical way, and of course, we were thrilled to be closer to some of our grandchildren.

In the last few months, I have found a new rhythm in my days. I have made new friends, and have gotten into a new fitness routine. For both my husband and me it is important to stay physically fit as long as we can. Reid plays golf at the nearby Capital City Club, while I try to walk two to three miles per day, mostly in and around Lenbrook. I also work out with a personal trainer two times per week, who challenges me to do “inchworms” and planks. 

Like staying physically fit, having a full spiritual life is a top priority for me. I enjoy my Lenbrook Bible study group as well as morning devotionals and the practice of centering prayer. I have always been very active in my church, including as an elder at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, and I always want to learn. That’s why having weekly ecumenical services right here at Lenbrook is important to us.

Life at Lenbrook is good – every day. We love our new home and everything about the Lenbrook’s community, and the location in the heart of Buckhead could not be any better. It has been great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, and the staff has been very responsive and kind to us. We are living our best lives, physically and spiritually, and we are having fun. We are blessed!