Image for Fran Fowler Shares Secrets to Her Business Successes  at Lenbrook’s Mentor Me Monday Event

Every month, Lenbrook hosts Mentor Me Monday, open to our 250+ Associates, and we were delighted when Mrs. Fran Fowler, a resident at Lenbrook, spoke to our group. 

Mrs. Fowler started her own company, Fowler Healthcare Affiliates more than 30 years ago and grew it into a $5 million business. Her company focused on providing healthcare consulting to over 450 hospitals, healthcare systems and specialty providers. She served as Chair of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants, has been a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences on issues relating to patient throughput, post acute care and new service development or reconfiguration and authored more than 50 publications. 

Here is a brief recap of some of the biggest lessons she learned while building her business.
* Strive to be the best at what you do. 84% of her clients were repeat clients: when you give your best, people will hire you again and again.
* Work hard. As the child of European immigrants who shared their strong work ethic, she started working at 13.
* Find your way: choose what you will do, and become great at it.
* Get as much education as you can and keep learning.
* Be persistent. Confidence builds over time, and you build confidence by doing the work.
* Find where you fit in. Say “yes” to every opportunity.
* Stay ahead of the game. Know what’s coming next.
* Surround yourself with good people.
* Get good at the art of selling. You are always selling yourself.

Above all, Mrs. Fowler reminded us that “Success is never a straight line.” 

Her wisdom was well received by the Lenbrook Associates, who were inspired by Mrs. Fowler’s professional goals and successes to dream bigger and know that “You can do anything you put your mind to.” 

Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Fowler!