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I am a Lenbrook newcomer: I moved into my new home in late 2020 – and it feels like I was destined to live here.

Friends describe me as a person who has a passion for national security and teamwork. Throughout my working life, I was affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency, which hired me after I had completed degrees in anthropology and Japanese studies.  At the agency I enjoyed a career best described as a "have gun will travel" (minus the weapon) adventure.

As the first person to pull back the curtain on the leadership secrets of North Korea and the first political analyst to specialize in the analysis of foreign nuclear bomb programs, in 1994 I was awarded the Intelligence Community's National Medal of Achievement.

I concluded my career in 1997 as special assistant to the Inspector General, reconciling bureaucratic disputes and studying performance failures. 

Since retiring, I have published an art book--"Symbols of Japan." I also contributed a chapter on North Korean strategic thinking for a book published by the Air War College in Montgomery. Furthermore, I studied the French language to access that country's fascinating literature, and at present I am using vintage postage stamps to document how the French Resistance ousted the German occupiers at the end of World War II.

Living in Community

I am a native New Yorker who also lived in Tokyo for three years, so I knew before moving to Lenbrook that I would thrive in a communal living environment. But what I did not fully anticipate was just how welcoming and nurturing a community like this would be. I am especially impressed by the quality of communication between the residents, the management team and the various departments. I do value clear and timely communication – it is key to the smooth operation of any enterprise, including our active and engaged Lenbrook community.

In addition, I welcome opportunities to provide feedback , and appreciate the ability to submit RITE (Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence) rewards cards which note those frequent occasions when staff members go beyond their normal call of duty. 

Once remaining COVID-related restrictions are lifted, I look forward to expanding the support I can provide for residents located on Lenbroook's health floors.

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About Symbols of Japan, Thematic Motifs in Art and Design:

The book is the culmination of more than twenty years of research by the author, much of which was conducted while she lived in Japan. Baird's text reflects recent developments in Japanese scholarship but her prose is as accessible as it is informative, making this book an indispensable volume for both those already familiar with Japanese culture and those newly introduced to its rich complexities.

As beautiful as it is informative, Symbols of Japan is destined to be the cornerstone of every art and design library. – Amazon