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Carolyn and Libba have been friends for many years and even after Carolyn moved to Lenbrook first they stayed in touch. Now their friendship continues at Lenbrook with both living happily near each other.

Carolyn: “My husband has Parkinson’s disease so Lenbrook is the perfect place for us since I feel safe knowing help is right here if we need it. I have no worries leaving him for a bit to do errands and I can enjoy activities because I know there are people at Lenbrook to watch out for him and care for him in an emergency. That’s why when my dear friend Libba was having a little trouble with her balance, I thought Lenbrook would be good for her. It’s a great fit!”

Libba: “I was familiar with Lenbrook since my parents lived here and so did Carolyn’s but thought I should wait. Then, I realized I wanted to be able to walk in on my own rather than roll in. I wanted to enjoy myself rather than waiting and taking the chance that something health-related could happen. Now, I’m so glad I didn’t wait. This is the easiest place in the world to live. Lenbrook has everything I need, and I don’t worry about anything. I was also fortunate to move in right before the pandemic hit so I felt safe and protected here rather than on my own.”

Carolyn and Libba: “We love having each other close by. We do a lot together like share meals, walking, and playing bridge. And we’ve expanded our circle of friends. There are so many people here we have a lot in common with and they’re so fun. Our advice to other friends – don’t wait, now is a great time to be at Lenbrook.”

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