Image for Lenbrook’s New Elevated Entry Plaza Unifies Existing Campus and Expansion

It was always the goal of Lenbrook’s new Entry Plaza to create a seamless connectivity between Lenbrook’s existing campus and Kingsboro at Lenbrook. The beautiful new elevated entry plaza was recently completed as part of our $116 M expansion. It connects our entire community with amenities and services to enjoy for all and includes 119 new covered parking spaces.

Purposeful and Intentional Connectedness

We spoke with architect Alejandro Giraldo, Associate Principal of THW Design, about his vision for the new Entry Plaza, which also features a beautiful new Gatehouse and a covered, climate-controlled connector between the original campus and Kingsboro at Lenbrook.

“The new entry plaza, with its European feel, highlights the integration of all parts of the Lenbrook community into one single space,” he noted. “It has various uses, of course primarily for the easy arrival and departure for guests and residents. But we designed it in such a way that it can also be closed off and used for events, and we made it very pedestrian-friendly. Looking at the finished project, you will agree that we’ve successfully created an inviting space that illustrates Lenbrook’s welcoming sense of community.”

The elevated entry plaza allows all residents to go to down to the parking garage, or if they are using valet, drive right up front. The new parking area with its quite tall ceilings “more than wows” in the words of our Director of Sales and Marketing, Allison Booker. Seven elevators, six passenger and one service elevator, will take the residents close to their home, no matter where they park.

Thanks to the complete redesign of the entry plaza, the community now has easy access to two exits – one on Peachtree Road and one on Kingsboro Road. And, if residents want to visit friends anywhere on campus, it is just a short, comfortable walk between Kingsboro at Lenbrook and the original buildings via the new heated and air-conditioned connector that’s also part of the new entry plaza. 

The intentional design of our new entry plaza sets us apart from other senior communities. It is a very important part of our 2021 expansion, and thanks to its innovative and forward-thinking design we know that it will serve our residents and guests very well for many years to come.