Image for Anne and Lew Hansen: Flying High at Lenbrook

After careful consideration, Anne and Lew Hansen felt that Lenbrook had “…the most to offer in terms of amenities, activities, staff, apartment choices, and healthcare,” and moved here in 2014. Mrs. Hansen appreciates the superb level of staff support at Lenbrook, especially during the pandemic.  “Don’t wait until you think you are ready to move – because then it’s too late. Come now and enjoy being an active part of this community!”

Mrs. Hansen, Chair of Lenbrook’s Excursion Committee, had a long career with Delta Air Lines and then joined the Georgia Council of International Visitors as Executive Director. The active mother of three and grandmother of eight also found time to be a Docent at the High Museum of Art for 17 years.

Her husband Lew served with the 81st Airborne Division and completed 41 jumps. After his military service, he entered the legal profession and practiced as a trial attorney in Atlanta since 1957. He is also a founding member of the Atlanta Law School Foundation, providing support to support non-traditional students to pursue a legal education. Both are very engaged within the Lenbrook community, their beloved family, and the various organizations in Atlanta they have championed for so long.

Mrs. Hansen’s top piece of advice to the younger generation: “Think long-term.” Both Mr. and Mrs. Hansen advocate to “…be active in your community, work toward a solid education, and make a difference when and where you can.”

Check out Mrs. Hansen’s video interview here: