Image for Kudos and Gratitude for Lenbrook’s Health Care Heroes

I am delighted to share some of my recent experiences with Lenbrook’s Health Care heroes who took care of me when I needed medical care and rehabilitation recently. This on-campus care for a period of six weeks, as well as the past two and a half years that include the time of the global pandemic, have certainly confirmed what a good decision it has been for me to move to Lenbrook, and what a blessing it is to live here.

The care I received from Dr. Elliott Jackson, to John Clark, D. J. Bekele, Tammy Buxkemper, to the RNs, CNAs, the physical and occupational therapists, and all the supporting staff, was in one word excellent. 

Everyone was so attentive that I realized as I progressed that I did not need additional help from Home Care assistance. Even if I became out of sorts, the staff remained professional and worked as a team to cover all the bases to keep me safe, help me heal, and have as much quality of life as possible. 

I am so grateful to know that for the rest of my life, I have access to such a holistic and caring environment where I enjoy being safe and independent.

Lenbrook has exceeded all my expectations. Much kudos and gratitude to all the people who work so hard every day to provide the best possible care: Lenbrook’s Board, Management, Staff, Associates, and fellow Residents.

(based on Ms. Jones’ letter to Chris Keysor, Lenbrook CEO and President)