Image for My Mother, My Inspiration: Lenbrook’s Mother-Daughter Team

Ercia Douglas started with Lenbrook late in 2021 as a Community Service Coordinator, and by doing so, she joined her mother, Joan Piggott, who started with Lenbrook in 1992 and has been employed here for the last 27 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

“My role model is my mom,” says Ercia. “She represents the type of woman that one day I hope to be. Very much a superhero in my eyes. She encourages me every day - from her example to always offer a helping hand to those in need, to her ability to always find kind words to put a smile on your face.”

Similarly, Mrs. Piggott’s role model is her mother. “From her, I learned to do my best at all times. She helped me to be strong and realize my motto in life: ‘I can, I will, and I must.’” In addition, Mrs. Piggott finds inspiration and joy in working with the Lenbrook residents she cares for. “If I can make them feel good, it makes me feel blessed!”

At the same time, she describes her relationship with her daughter with just one word: “Phenomenal!” Ercia, in turn, calls her mother ‘Inspirational.’ “I am inspired by her class and sophistication which gives her the propensity to relate to many people of any age and from many different walks of life.” 

Both Ercia and her mother work closely with Lenbrook’s residents. Ercia enjoys assisting the residents with finding solutions to their maintenance concerns and issues because, just like her mom, she has always taken great pride and joy in helping others. 

The family moved from Georgetown, Guyana to Atlanta, Georgia when Ercia was three years old. In her spare time, Mrs. Piggott enjoys cooking, traveling, and working with charities. Ercia is passionate about the philanthropic work she is involved with in Guyana. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, and “dabbles in home renovations.” 

Ercia Douglas and Joan Piggott, on this Mother’s Day, thank you for sharing your love for each other with the people at Lenbrook!