Senior Living Design Can Be Exciting and Customized!

Think senior living design is stuffy? Think again. Dark, stuffy, and generic design is out and has been replaced with open floor plans, high ceilings, beautiful lighting, art walls, and custom cabinetry.  

“When we started looking for a senior living community, we thought we were doing it as a favor to our children. Let’s do this before we have to,” said Adrienne Findley. “Now that we’ve moved into Lenbrook we realize that what we did goes far beyond doing it for our kids – we did it for us! We’re so lucky to live here.”

2022, Kingsboro, Lenbrook, Real Estate, Sept

Adrienne and Norm Findley have lived in Atlanta for many years and two of their three grown children and now grandchildren live here too. They spent some years in Europe but have always called Atlanta home. “We knew we wanted to stay in Atlanta to be near family, but we also wanted a community that we would be happy in … continuing to enjoy our lifestyle but also simplify. Lenbrook allowed us to do that and bring our own personal style to our new home.”

2022, Kingsboro, Lenbrook, Real Estate, Sept

Their Lenbrook residence is a blend of some existing furniture, favorite items, and new design elements to tie it all together. Working with their interior designer Cathleen Carrington of Parker Design Associates and the Lenbrook’s Move-in Managers and Construction Contractors, the Findleys found the experience stress-free and smooth. Adrienne, Norm, and Cathleen decided to add custom cabinetry areas to the space prior to the move-in date. These changes were made to the kitchen, entertainment buffet and bar, TV fireplace area as well as adding a built-in desk and shelves to the guest room. “All thanks to the help of Michael Cash and his construction team,” notes Cathleen. The floor plan lent itself to creating art walls, selecting light and airy colors and beautiful design features. The open family room concept is perfect for the entire Findley family to gather, eat, and be together all in one area. “The staff at Lenbrook was professional, organized, and helpful at every turn,” said Adrienne.

“Working with our interior designer alongside Lenbrook made the entire experience easier. Together they helped us decide what colors and finishes to select and also what to keep and what to discard,” Adrienne explained. “We gave some things to our children but in reality, they didn’t want as much as we thought. So, no sense holding onto a lot of old things that just take up space. It was liberating!” 

The end result looks like a page out of an upscale interior design magazine. The Findley’s new home is a stunning example of what senior living can be – full of light, special treasures, and new possibilities.