Lenbrook Leaders Connect and Innovate with Novare Consortium

As Atlanta’s only not-for-profit Life Plan Community to achieve international accreditation and an investment-grade rating, Lenbrook is proud to be in the top six percent of senior living communities. Lenbrook is governed by an independent Board of Directors and management team whose top priority is achieving its mission: to enable residents to enjoy the gifts of independence, good health, and personal fulfillment to the fullest extent possible through the community’s programs and services.  

One way that Lenbrook works to fulfill this mission is by being an active member of Novare, a consortium of forward-thinking, single-site Life Plan Communities that collaborate, innovate, and enhance the world of senior living by sharing best practices.  

Novare provides an array of support for management teams from CEO forums to peer exchanges across more than 15 disciplines. They also offer two professional development programs, leadership development and manager essentials training, and each Novare organization is guaranteed the opportunity to send participants to either program annually.  

A unique opportunity Novare provides member communities is the ability to take part in and access the future shaping research of the Mather Institute, which is an award-winning resource for trends in senior living and information on wellness and aging.  

Through Novare, Lenbrook leaders connect with peers at other Life Plan Communities across the country who share the same desire to continually improve the experience for residents. Novare allows Life Plan Communities to share ideas and best practices and learn from one another’s operating philosophies, financial models, and more.  

The sharing of sustainability best practices is another example of how Novare supports growth and innovation at member communities.  

“We were honored to share with other Novare members about the successful reusable container initiative at Lenbrook and how resident champions made it possible, said Felecia Sveda, Chief Operating Officer. “And hearing about the sustainability initiatives of other life-plan communities has sparked ideas for how to further expand these efforts at Lenbrook.” 

Here are the other Novare member communities that we are proud to collaborate with:  

Bishop Gadsden 
Carolina Meadows 
Immanuel Lutheran 
Kahala Nui 
Lambeth House 
The Legacy Senior Communities 
Masonic Homes of Kentucky 
Moorings Park 
The Osborn 
St. John’s on the Lake 
Vicar’s Landing 
Waverly Heights 

The goal of Lenbrook’s participation in a group like Novare and collaborating with other communities is to continue to provide residents with the support and opportunities to live a vibrant and engaged life.  

“Being a part of Novare helps us stay connected with best-in-class Life Plan Communities and collaborate on how we can all grow and serve the senior population while staying true to the mission of single-site life plan communities,” said Sveda.