Lenbrook Legacies: Residents Whose Parents Lived at Lenbrook Share Their Stories

Lenbrook began welcoming residents in 1983. Today, some children of those early residents now reside in the community. These Lenbrook Legacies share how their parents’ experiences at Lenbrook shaped their desire to live there too.

Mary Virginia Davis and her late husband Jarre [Jarrett] experienced life at Lenbrook from both sets of parents and three of her aunts. Jarre’s parents – Martha and Fate Davis – moved to Lenbrook in the mid-1980s, while her parents – Frances and Bob Bryan – moved in 1989. Her three aunts – Phyllis Bryan, Mary Partridge, and Connie Anderson– also moved to Lenbrook in the mid-to-late 1980s.

“I got to know Lenbrook well when our parents and my aunts lived here and knew the associates were so lovely, accommodating, and caring,” she said. “Our parents’ move to Lenbrook was a gift to me, and I wanted to give that gift to my children. I was 75, and my husband was 79 when we moved to a Garden Court residence in the Lenox Tower in March 2009. I was young and healthy enough to work with the moving managers and be in charge of the move.”

Community is the most important thing about Lenbrook to Mrs. Davis. “I love having people to dine with and not having to shop and cook. I enjoy having friends to share in the activities provided here at Lenbrook.  When a friend dies, there is someone to grieve with and somebody to go on with.” 

Mrs. Davis is involved in many areas of community life and leads a weekly Bible study with between 20 and 30 ladies in attendance each week.

Marty and John Gillin have been around Lenbrook since its earliest days. Their mothers – Betty Burleigh and Marjorie Gillin – moved to the community when it opened in 1983. John eventually joined the Lenbrook Board of Directors and served as its chairman as well.

“Our mothers both enjoyed life at Lenbrook, so it was a natural place to go when we decided that we didn’t need to live in our house any longer,” Mrs. Gillin said. “When we moved in July 2020, we had a few friends who lived here, and we have made countless more. Residents are friendly, have interesting backgrounds, and are enthusiastic about life. Associates are kind and helpful, and we know if we need help, they are there. We are so happy that we decided to move when we were able to participate in the activities and make new friends that have made our lives worthwhile and happy.”

Pictured: Lenbrook Residents John and Marty Gillin

Carolyn Luesing’s parents Carolyne and Bruce Logue moved to Lenbrook in 1998.When her mom became ill, she moved into The Health Care Center, making it easy for her father to visit her. Carolyn and her husband Bill moved to Lenbrook in 2019 while his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms were mild.

“We had many friends here and met new ones as well,” she said. “It is truly a community full of interesting and caring individuals. We got to take advantage of the amenities before Parkinson’s made it hard for him. Visiting the Clinic made it easier when Bill needed care. When he had to stop driving, the concierge called an Uber whenever he needed to go somewhere. Living here makes Bill’s passing easier, as I have lots of friends. We go to the symphony and Cirque du Soleil, attend piano concerts, and take classes with a trainer at the Fitness Center. The chaplains are wonderful, and I appreciate how the LIVE team helps with selecting an insurance plan. Lenbrook was a great place to live for my parents and husband, and it continues to be for me.”

Elsie Thompson’s father – Charles L. Ives, Jr. – moved to Lenbrook in the late 1980s. In 1999, her mother-in-law – Mrs. Oscar Holden Thompson – moved in. Both lived in the Brookhaven Tower and appreciated the easy access to their residences.

“My husband and I lived near Lenbrook and visited family here for many years and have seen it grow to have excellent exterior spaces and healthcare options,” she said. “This area of Atlanta was very much home to us, so moving to Lenbrook made sense. We moved in December 2021, and many other people we know have moved here too.”

Mrs. Thompson enjoys exercise classes at the Fitness Center and has learned to play croquet. On Sundays, she meets with other Lenbrook dog owners for playtime and camaraderie.

“There is so much to do to keep fit and to challenge the mind, from arts to sports to music to entertainment groups,” she said. “With the K4 communication system, you can look up someone’s name which helps you get to know others. With the variety of floor plans, Lenbrook is a good fit for anybody.”

Libba Wight’s father-in-law – William Franklin (Bill) Floyd, Jr. – moved to Lenbrook’s Brookhaven Tower in 1992. Then, in 1999, her parents – Sarah and Ward Wight – moved there.

“My father-in-law enjoyed living at Lenbrook,” Mrs. Wight said. “He was in his 90s when he moved in and kept thanking my husband and me for moving him there. My parents also enjoyed Lenbrook and had lots of friends in the community.”

Mrs. Wight continued the family tradition of living in Brookhaven Tower, moving there in February 2020. She enjoys playing bridge, serves on the Dining Committee, and is Chair of the New Residents Committee.

“When we visited our family at Lenbrook, I saw how it is like a cruise ship that doesn’t take off. There is something available every day to do, and you have the choice to sign up or not. The people are wonderful, and the associates are friendly and wonderful too,” she said. “It was a great place to live for our parents and now for me!”

Feature Picture: Lenbrook Residents Libba Wight, Mary Virginia Davis, Elsie Thompson and Carolyn Luesing.