Rehabilitation Unit Manager DJ Bekele Shows Care and Patience to Residents

Lenbrook provides residents with the support and care they may need at every stage of their health journey. One way it does this is through the on-campus Medicare-certified Health Care Center which gives residents priority access to inpatient rehabilitation services, memory support, and long-term care.

DJ Bekele is the Unit Manager, Rehabilitation Services. A Licensed Practical Nurse with a degree from Miriam College in California, he joined Lenbrook in 2019 and quickly became known for the care and patience he shows residents.

John Clark, RN, LNHA and Nursing Home Administrator for Lenbrook, said, “DJ serves as a model of caring and compassion for the entire Rehab team. He aspires to be a great leader through his service to others and conducts himself with authenticity, humility, integrity, and self-discipline. He is vigilant in promoting the right attitudes and belief systems to encourage others to succeed.”

DJ makes frequent rounds on the unit to support the team, identify any needs residents have, and touch base with the nursing team to help administer medications, complete discharge instructions, pass food trays, and conduct welcome meetings. He also develops personalized therapy plans for residents based on their needs, capabilities, and goals.

“I am excited to go to work each day at Lenbrook,” DJ said. “I can give my best and focus on the residents. Fulfilling what they need makes me feel great.”

After completing their Rehab program, residents can continue their progress through post-rehab with outpatient rehabilitation services provided on-site and in the Fitness Center with an exercise program tailored to them. DJ often helps them take their belongings back to their residences when they leave Rehab and encourages them to continue on their health journey.

The Rehab Unit is a wonderfully healing place for residents who need the services offered and a great place for the associates who work there too, DJ said. “Lenbrook offers lots of benefits and opportunities for residents and associates. Residents have a choice of places to live and can get the care they need when they need it. Associates are encouraged to share their opinions and can explore the variety of employment opportunities within the Lenbrook community. It’s a good place to be.”