The Lenbrook Health Care Center. All needs managed at one place: Lenbrook.

Lenbrook is there for its residents in every situation, at every stage of life. That’s why they’ve built-in an on-site continuum of care. Residents have peace of mind knowing that if their health should change, they can continue to live at Lenbrook and receive the excellent, individualized health services they need.

Much of this care is provided at the Medicare-certified Health Care Center. Fully-equipped and superbly staffed, the Health Care Center encompasses three floors of Lenbrook’s main tower and offers a comprehensive range of services. It is divided into three distinct areas of skilled nursing:

Rehabilitation Services. The best place for getting back to your best.

With just an elevator ride, Lenbrook residents have access to a comprehensive menu of short-term rehabilitative medical services they may need after experiencing an injury or a surgery. And now, the community has been Medicare certified. So although the residents will always have priority, this outstanding healing opportunity available for people residing outside of Lenbrook, as well.

There's no better place to get back to being you than Atlanta's premier retirement community. Lenbrook offers excellent physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation in a welcoming and invigorating environment. There is a cheerful, fully equipped rehabilitation gym. If inpatient therapy is needed, the spacious, private rooms are fully-furnished with a flat screen television, Wi-Fi and step-in shower. The floor also includes a dedicated dining room, a day room and a living room for visiting with family and friends.

In addition to their own staff, Lenbrook has partnered with Heritage Healthcare, an industry leader in rehabilitation that specializes in customizing programs and maximizing outcomes and improvements. Like every service at Lenbrook, the residents' individuality is a top priority. A unique and effective plan of care will be developed just for him or her, and it will result in the quickest, easiest recovery possible.

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Long-term Care. Personalized care delivered with choice.

For medical needs of a more involved nature, Lenbrook provides excellent long-term care right within the Health Care Center. There are 20 spacious, well-appointed suites, each with a private bathroom and roll-in shower. The environment is welcoming, cheerful and meticulously clean.

Care is provided by experienced and licensed professionals who have been selected for not only their skill, but their true compassion and commitment to helping others. In addition to delivering superb medical care and maximized attention, Lenbrook’s staff offers choices. Residents’ opinions are always recognized and their personal preferences concerning meals, therapies and interactions are incorporated into their individualized plan of care.

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Memory Care. Compassion secured under one roof.

If a loved one is challenged with memory loss, there is not a more secure, more positive or more attentive environment than the Memory Care area at the Lenbrook Health Care Center. In this beautiful and safe haven, residents are made to feel supported, capable and successful through daily therapeutics and recreational activities of their choice. Lenbrook has even incorporated creative programs such as pet visits and aromatherapy and has found these therapies bring joy and connection to those participating.

The Memory Care staff has been hand-selected. They are exceptionally compassionate professionals and are specifically trained to be encouraging and to treat every person as an individual with unique needs. Courtesy, respect and dignity are given the highest priorities, as is the safety of the residents.

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All floors of the Health Care Center are bright and spacious and include common areas such as a conference room, a dining room, a cozy living room and an activities space. In addition, there is a comfortable, spacious outdoor terrace that provides the perfect fresh-air setting for reading, relaxing or visiting with family and friends.

Importantly, each Lenbrook resident has the comfort of knowing, if he or she has any temporary or unexpected healthcare needs, there is a valuable benefit of up to 60 days in the Health Care Center each calendar year.

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