2 Bedroom

90% Refundable Entrance Fee Range: $411,579 - $1,229,596
Monthly Service Fee Starting At: $4,821

Comprehensive package of services and amenities included can be found here: Services and Amenities. Services included in the Monthly Fee can be found in Fee Structure.

Lenbrook is a not-for-profit Life Plan Community. Lenbrook is also the only Life Plan Community in Atlanta to earn national accreditation by CARF.

Life Plan Communities, like Lenbrook, provide a unique set of benefits, unmatched value and unlimited opportunities for residents to enjoy healthier and enriched lifestyles for years to come. From preservation of financial assets to active social lives to healthcare services onsite 24/7, here's a closer look at how Life Plan Communities help provide peace of mind -- and more -- to their residents. If you were to ask Lenbrook residents which benefit they regard the highest, most often you'll hear "peace of mind."

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Peace of Mind

Peace of mind begins with priority access to all levels of quality health care right on the Lenbrook campus. In addition to discounted rates, residents also have a generous 60-day annual healthcare benefit in the Lenbrook's Medicare certified Health Care Center each year, which allows you to easily take care of any unexpected, short-term healthcare needs. Lenbrook's Health Care Center includes long-term care, memory care and rehabilitation services. Lenbrook residents have options to obtain additional care, if the need arises – either by obtaining additional services in the apartment home or by moving to an onsite Personal Care suite.

Fee Structure

Lenbrook residents pay two types of fees: a one-time Entrance Fee and a Monthly Service Fee. Fees are based on the size of the residence and the number of people occupying the residence. Lenbrook is considered a “fee-for-service” community, which means, that if a resident (or one member of a couple) requires additional services in the residence or if the resident chooses to move to either a Personal Care or Health Care Center suite, a monthly fee will be charged accordingly.

The Entrance Fee is paid on or before occupancy and provides lifetime access to the residence and all of the onsite amenities. Lenbrook offers one of the highest refund plans in Atlanta and the refundable portion of your Entrance Fee provides an effective means of asset preservation for your family. Entrance Fees are 90% refundable to the resident or the resident's estate when he or she is no longer living at Lenbrook and when the apartment is reoccupied. To provide prospective residents with flexible financial options, Lenbrook also offers 50% and 0% (non-refundable) Entrance Fee refund plans. As a not-for-profit Life Plan Community, it is Lenbrook's goal that once a resident meets residency criteria, no resident will be asked to leave the community due to financial hardship.

Your Best Investment in Life

An Entrance Fee also provides tax and financial benefits. Because of the unique 60-day annual healthcare benefit, you could be eligible for a tax deduction for a portion of your entrance fee (one-time benefit) and for a portion of your monthly fee (annual benefit) as prepaid medical expenses.

Making the investment in a comprehensive retirement option, like Lenbrook, provides unmatched choice and flexibility for residents and provides daily opportunities and lifelong enrichment in an unbeatable setting. The array of amenity spaces is unbeatable. The programs and events available to residents are leading edge with a vision to provide residents with unique benefits and experiences that can't be found elsewhere. At Lenbrook, our goal is to help you achieve the right balance of fun, fitness and fellowship you desire. Whether you prefer a full social calendar or more privacy, a book club or a bridge club, dining onsite in our three restaurants or traveling offsite, we can help you navigate all the opportunities. Our programs, services and associates work with you to fulfill all seven dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, occupational and environmental.

To fully comprehend all of the extensive services, amenities, features, and benefits to which residents have access, it is best to talk with a helpful Residency Counselor.

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