Helen Letts

One can learn a lot by having a lengthy conversation with Helen Letts.  You can learn the charming, articulate, Lenbrook resident has led a life well-lived.  You can learn about her wonderful 44-year marriage to a great man named Jack Letts.  You can learn about her two amazing adult children and her three delightful grandchildren, all of whom live here in Atlanta and visit frequently.  One can get a real “education” talking with Helen.  So, it should come as no surprise to discover that she had a stellar, successful academic career spanning more than three decades.

 “I was in education for 35 years.  The first 17 years, I was a teacher in the classroom.  Then I moved over to the administrative side and became assistant to the headmaster at the Lovett school.  I held that position for another 17 years.  It was a real gift being steered into the educational field.  I had a long, successful career.”

It all began where she grew up in Albany, Georgia with the guidance of her great aunt, who was a dedicated kindergarten teacher.  Helen describes her as being “a marvelous teacher and well ahead of her time.”  This cherished mentor was the inspiration for Helen attending the University of Georgia where she got her teaching degree.  She then began her interesting career in Atlanta.  As Helen puts it, “A teacher is truly who I am.”

After retiring, Helen lived for many years in a lovely condo in Buckhead.  The community offered convenience and space but offered no “energy” or “socialization opportunities.”  Thanks to her two children, Helen landed at Lenbrook which has an abundance of both.

“I thought I would like it here,” responds Helen.  “But I LOVE it here!  There are so many ways to interact and socialize.  There are so many smiles!   You can tell the staff members love their jobs.  And the leadership is very impressive. I really recognize this because I was in the administrative field for so long.”

These days, Helen can be found enjoying excercise activities, joining many gatherings or playing a mean hand of Party Bridge.  She’s enjoying every day and this former-teacher’s zest for living can “school” us all.  “I am so excited to be living here,” beams Helen Letts.  We’re pretty sure she gives life at Lenbrook an A+.


Your biggest accomplishment…so far!

 “Of course, my children.  They’re two of the loveliest people on earth!  I am so proud of the adults they have become.  I am proud of their values, their loyalty and the kind, thoughtful ways they treat me and others.” 

The thing you love about Lenbrook the most.

“Well, everything.  They have just thought of everything.  I That reflects the quality of the leadership.”

Have you ever met anyone famous?

“My cousin was in the first group of female astronauts.  As an educator, that really impresses me.”

Is there something you have collected most of your life?

“Friends.”  Once you meet Helen, you’ll understand why.

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