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February 11, 2019

Read an excerpt below from Leading Age's article in which members of the Dining Services Committee at Lenbrook speak about the importance of having a good dining program.

Lenbrook’s resident dining committee is quite involved with the many healthy and delicious options offered by Executive Chef Todd Clements and his culinary team. The life plan community has 4 distinct dining venues: The Bistro, The Grill Room, Lenbrook’s Fine Dining, and Tim’s Terrace.
Three top tastemakers on Lenbrook’s resident dining committee include (left to right): Barbara Ramos, Jeanne Gambrell, and Margaret Bethea.

At regular tasting sessions, the active resident committee helps select menu items suitable for each season, and even which blend of coffee will be served at the newest gathering spot, The Club. A recent article in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution quotes Jeanne Gambrell, the current resident co-chair of the dining committee: “Most people here are well-traveled and used to having the best choices. They don’t want to change.” However, she jokes that having many fun, fresh, and nutritious dining options to choose from means that “Everyone who moves here gains the ‘freshman 15’!”

According to the AJC story, “Lenbrook’s Resident Dining Committee also played an important role in finally helping to resolve a long running—and somewhat amusing—argument over cornbread. Lenbrook’s 500 residents have roots around the country and generally speaking, Northerners prefer a sweeter cornbread recipe and Southerners a more savory one.” These days, both are available, though Clemens sometimes adds a jalapeno cornbread muffin as well.

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