Lenbrook at the Georgia Legislative Session

February 3, 2016

Lenbrook's chaplain Robbye Jarrell beautifully "graced" the Georgia House of Representatives with the opening prayer for the legislature's 12th day in session on Jan. 28. She was welcomed by Speaker of the House David Ralston and introduced by Representative Beth Beskin of District 54. More than 30 Lenbrook residents and staff joined Robbye for the day at the Capitol -- enjoying a bird's eye view of our governmental representatives at work. Congratulations Robbye on this very special privilege and honor! Also thank you to Joyce Stevens, Lenbrook resident and local lobbyist, for arranging the Capitol logistics and to Lenbrook resident Helen Hendricks for organizing the residents and staff group travel for the day.

Joining Lenbrook's Chaplain Robbye Jarrell for her opening prayer at the Capitol on Jan. 28 were (L to R) Lenbrook President and CEO Chris Keysor, twin sister and Lenbrook Program Manager Rebecca Jarrell, brother Milton Jarrell, Robbye Jarrell and Lenbrook Director of Enrichment Lisa Kiely.  

(L to R): Georgia Representative Beth Beskin, Lenbrook Chaplain Robbye Jarrell and Speaker of the House David Ralston are shown together in the House of Representatives on Jan. 28, 2016, the day Robbye provided the session's opening prayer.