No Better Place to Live

July 16, 2020

We know what it's like to have to care for parents who are blessed with a long life but need medical care - because we've been through it.  There was no way we'd want our children to have to do that for us.  So about five years ago we decided to make a plan for our lives and do it while we were young enough to enjoy it.  

We've been thankful every day since.  Maybe especially now.  Even though we've been quarantined for months, we hear people say every day that they'd far rather be here than in their previous homes.  In part, that's because our CEO and team moved immediately to make this the safest place we could possibly be.  We can all see that their priority has been to protect us without impacting our quality of life.  

We're actually kind of proud of all we've learned.  We use Instacart to get groceries and talk to our kids on Zoom.  We attend committee meetings online.  With just a little "nudge," we're turning into regular techies!

As outdoor dining starts to reopen, we're grateful to again connect with our friends.  Thankfully, we've found everyone healthy as we've gotten back together with our neighbors.  There's no doubt in our minds that our dining program is at the heart of the Lenbrook community.

-Barbara and Richard Conway


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