Seniors Knit for Grady Newborns

March 17, 2010

Posted By -  11Alive Staff
Atlanta, GA -- On the third Monday of every month, a group of women at the Lenbrook Retirement Community get together to give comfort to the littlest of fighters. 

For a dozen years the "Sew What" sewing club has been knitting caps and making blankets for newborns and premature babies at Grady Medical Center. 

Elinor Calhoun is 89 years-old and has been leading the group for the last nine years.  

"It's volunteer work," she said, "and I think they want to do something."  

The residents come together once a month to drop off what they have made and pick up more materials to knit and sew in their spare time. 

Over the years they have donated hundreds of blankets and caps to the hospital. 

"People basically donate their time," said Mary Fakharian, a vice president at the Buckhead facility.  "Lenbrook provides the materials to the residents so they can make the flannel receiving blankets and also the caps for the newborns."

Kay Marten has lived at Lenbrook for the last couple of years and quickly established herself as one of the best knitters. 

She has produced almost 200 baby caps.  

"It's nice to do something for someone else and they need it," she said. 

Mary Fakharian said it's just proof that everyone can do something to make our community better.  "You're never too old to give back," she said.  "Our people are of the kind and giving sprit that want to continue to do that for people."

The women never meet the babies who receive the caps and blankets.  An employee from Lenbrook delivers everything to the hospital. 

Still Mary Elizabeth Hollingsworth said working to help those less fortunate is reward enough.  It reminds her of the words in one of her favorite hymns.  "Blessed to be a blessing, privileged to care," she said, "and that's what I think we are.

View the Lenbrook's Sew What video.