Yoga and "Zen Caregiving" Kick Off Active Aging Celebration at Lenbrook

October 6, 2015

Lenbrook is celebrating this year's Active Aging Week with yoga, tai chi, ballroom dancing, "Zen Caregiving," an Oktoberfest excursion to Helen, Ga., and much more between Sept. 28 and Oct. 3.

For this senior community that offers over 175 scheduled events each month, active aging is a daily lifestyle choice for many. "We encourage everyone to define for themselves what they consider to be 'active aging' and what they want their quality of life to consist of," said Lisa Kiely, Director of Enrichment at Lenbrook. "Life is about continuing to grow no matter what our age or what challenges we live with," Kiely added.

Sponsored by the International Council on Active Aging and supported by many partners such as the National Council on Aging, the 13th annual Active Aging Week advocates the philosophy of encouraging adults 50-plus to live life to its fullest at every age and optimize their well-being throughout their lives.

Babette Rothschild, a young 84-year-old resident of Lenbrook, wholeheartedly embraces this philosophy. "Active aging is about participating in life," Rothschild said. "Some people like to say, 'I've been there, done that.' But that's not for me. I see it as we're only here once, so let's enjoy it."

That's exactly what Rothschild does every week at Lenbrook as she attends aerobics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; organizes party bridge for 32 to 38 players a week; plays duplicate bridge twice a week herself; serves on the community's programs and events committee; and walks 30 minutes a day on neighboring streets bordering the Lenbrook campus in Buckhead.

Lenbrook's monthly enrichment programs begin with a choice of about 20 fitness classes a week -- such as Pilates, yoga, land and water aerobics, and its latest class Zumba -- and include another 150 events and programs designed to offer growth in all dimensions of wellness. Lenbrook hosts educational and medical speaker sessions; holds multiple services for multiple faiths; conducts field trips and excursions; and offers book clubs, group discussions, card tournaments, music concerts, ballroom dance lessons, art classes, and more.

"This year's Active Aging Week theme is a call to action to older adults to 'Live Your Adventure'," said Colin Milner, Chief Executive Officer of the International Council on Active Aging. "We're encouraging adults to break out of their routines and try something new, whether it's Zumba or a spinning class or a new walking route, go try it!"

For more information about the ways Lenbrook helps its residents live life to the fullest, please call 404-233-3000. For more information on Active Aging Week, visit
Shown in Photo:
Trim and fit 84-year-old Babette Rothschild (center) attends aerobics classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Lenbrook, using the community's new chairs equipped with resistance tubing for arms and removable steps for leg and balance exercises. Also shown are fellow classmates Betty Bull (farthest left), Betsey Beach (left) and Jane Kummel (right).