For the residents, not-for-profit

Everything about Lenbrook was designed to enhance the lives of the residents.  That’s why Lenbrook was conceived as a not-for-profit.  Unlike corporate-run communities, the barometer for Lenbrook's performance is the quality of service provided to residents -- not profits earned for owners or shareholders.

As a not-for-profit, management and residents share the same goal for Lenbrook: to be a warm and welcoming community dedicated to enriching the lives of residents through high quality programs, services and care. In addition, an independent Board of Directors, rather than a single governing head, assures that any excess money earned goes back into making Lenbrook an even more exceptional place to live, because it is reinvested back into the programs and services which benefit residents.

Lenbrook’s not-for-profit status also creates certain tax exemptions; the community pays no federal income tax or property tax.  This savings is passed along to make living more affordable for the residents.  Plus, you could be eligible for a tax deduction for a portion of your entrance fee (one-time benefit) and for a certain percentage of your monthly service fee (annual benefit) as prepaid medical expenses.

Lenbrook has been part of Atlanta for more than 35 years, and more than ever, is financially sound and secure.  But clearly, people are the community’s most precious investment.