Image for LIVE! Makes Life a Bit Easier
Lenbrook is known for the energy of its residents -- you can feel it and see it when you walk in our front door. So it's quite fitting that we have a resource access department called LIVE! -- which stands for  “Lenbrook Individuals are Vital and Engaged."
The vision for LIVE! is simple but its reach large. LIVE! is a support system for residents and their families to receive help navigating ALL the options and resources available to them for an engaged life. Our LIVE! associates help residents and their families access resources and/or referrals that tie directly into the three main pillars of LIVE!'s focus: 
• Providing guidance and support to smooth life’s transitions
• Providing ongoing education to live vital and engaged lives
• Providing referrals to quality service providers
LIVE! is a Connector
With all the programs and services we offer at Lenbrook, it can sometimes be a challenge to know exactly how and when to access all the resources and who to connect with for each. LIVE! serves as a CONNECTOR between residents and resources that already exist at Lenbrook, as well as other services provided by outside vendors -- vendors we have vetted to ensure they are credible and will provide the best services to suit the residents' needs.
We kicked off this summer with a LIVE! Family Event to educate and connect with adult children whose parents live at Lenbrook and who may not yet be aware of services their parents can take advantage of. Several residents offered their stories of how LIVE! has provided them with competent, caring and trusted advice towards determining a resolution for their particular issue or need at the time.
LIVE! Support is Multifaceted
Here are just a few examples of what we may do:
• Assist a resident or family in understanding their Lenbrook Health Care Center benefits
• Offer referrals to add care in the home if their health is declining
• Visit a resident in the hospital to ensure their return to Lenbrook is safe and seamless and connect them to our Health Care Center Admissions Coordinator if a rehab stay is likely 
• Provide education, guidance and qualified referrals during Medicare Open Enrollment to ensure they are in the best plan for the coming year with a potential for cost savings
• Help in locating a specific service that is outside of what Lenbrook provides so a resident doesn’t have to spend countless hours researching on their own 
• Visit with a resident in our office or in their home to discuss a concern they have and assist them in finding a solution or connect them to the right area, department, associate or qualified outside referral source that will best support them
• Bring in qualified, professional speakers on topics that will help enhance a residents overall quality of life and/or independence
LIVE! Support Starts on Day One
LIVE! also recently participated in a panel presentation during a special event hosted for prospective residents who are members of Lenbrook's Advantage Club. Together, with staff from Lenbrook's Clinic and Health Care Center, we had the opportunity to showcase the many layers of support that Lenbrook offers and demonstrate how interconnected our departments are in providing the best guidance and support for all who reside at Lenbrook. This way, these new residents will know about LIVE!'s services from day one!
Cristina Ramey, MSW, PSC, is Director of Lenbrook's LIVE! department where she helps residents navigate changes in health, interests, wants and needs. She is a University of Georgia graduate with a master's in social work and earns her undergraduate degree in human and social services at Kennesaw State University. She holds a certification in gerontology.