A number of my fellow residents have asked me if I’m looking forward to completing my tenure as Lenbrook's Resident Association president at the end of June.  Frankly, I have mixed emotions.

There’s no doubt that this position is demanding and time consuming. Lenbrook has 500 residents and a very busy campus on 6.5 acres. I am certainly looking forward to having a lot more time to spend with myself and my wife, Lea.

On the other hand, during the past year, I’ve learned an whole lot about how Lenbrook operates and also have met many very interesting residents, staff and board members -- each of whom devote a great deal of time and effort helping Lenbrook.

I’ve attended numerous committee meetings and learned diverse ways of solving various problems. I’ve also attended our Chief Executive Officer's "Community Chats" every week and gained a better appreciation of how different residents view Lenbrook’s operations differently.

And I’ve had the opportunity to attend Lenbrook Board meetings each quarter, where I’ve been impressed with the board members’ dedication, professionalism and devotion to making Lenbrook a truly great retirement community.
Finally, I got to meet with our CEO, Chris Keysor, every week and came to appreciate how lucky we are to have him as our leader. I’m going to miss working with all of these people.

As I get ready to leave office, I am grateful for the opportunity to have served as Association president. It was a memorable experience for me.  I’m confident the Association will have an outstanding 2017/2018 year under the very capable leadership of our new president, Dick Stormont.

John Nixon and his wife, Lea, moved to Lenbrook in 2011 from their home in Sandy Springs. In 59 years of marriage they've visited more than 105 countries and lived in five of them. John is a retired partner of Deloitte. He and Lea both graduated from Cornell University and are the proud parents of two children and grandparents of two grandchildren.