Image for Lenbrook is Proud to Help Cristo Rey Students Build Life Skills
How many high school students get to experience real-world job training while still in school? At Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, that’s part of the education process and Lenbrook is proud to play a role in providing internship opportunities for these students.
This year, on May 19, six seniors from Cristo Rey Atlanta graduated with the rest of the school’s inaugural class of 125 students after successfully completing their internships at Lenbrook. Between 2015-2018, Annessa Lipford, Melanie Mata, Monica Epps, Autumn Smith, Zaire Williamson and Sandra Noumadji were a part of student teams of four who worked closely with Lenbrook’s associates in the Marketing, Human Resources, Concierge, and Enrichment Departments, and with associates in the Health Center over a school year. 
In addition to providing business experiences, Lenbrook added “Mentoring Mondays” to the interns’ schedules: each student was paired with a resident to get to know each other over lunch and talk about career choices and life experiences. Both interns and residents alike benefitted from these conversations and bridging each generation’s understanding of each other – to the delight of those who participated.
Lenbrook has partnered with Cristo Rey Atlanta since 2015, bringing the total number of interns to serve at Lenbrook to 12. The students fit five days of high school into four so they can intern one day per week. The weekly scheduling is a part of the school's unique Corporate Work Study Program, which helps economically challenged students offset the cost of their tuition. 
During the next academic year, residents and associates will continue to see interns at Lenbrook. As the existing interns graduate from high school, new interns will come to Lenbrook to participate in the program onsite and have the opportunity to learn and grow. The program not only provides reliable, talented young students for Lenbrook, the interns offer the staff and associates important support service and a fresh new perspective.
"These students bring a curiosity for learning that's contagious," said Felecia Sveda, Vice President of Operations-Hospitality for Lenbrook. "We learn as much from them as they learn from us, especially regarding online technologies, and we hope that their Lenbrook experience has opened their eyes to a rewarding field that is booming with opportunity as the Baby Boomer generation continues to enter retirement." 
Listen to our podcast featuring Lisa Woods, our Cristo Rey coordinator and myself talk about the impact of the internship program on the Lenbrook community and the students.