Image for  Kingsboro at Lenbrook Attracts Interest from Potential Residents
The new expansion, Kingsboro at Lenbrook, has created quite a lot of interest since we’ve announced the project in late 2018. So much so, that we’ve reached our first goal of priority deposits earlier than expected. Our next step is to meet with priority depositors throughout the spring of 2019 that will allow the people who have already expressed interest to select their floor plan, unit, and place a 10% down payment on their particular residence.
Knowing the planning and design involved in the development of Kingsboro at Lenbrook, we were confident that there would be interest from prospective residents, but we’re exceptionally pleased with the response received so far. If we keep up this pace during the selection phase, we’ll look forward to a ground-breaking event and moving some dirt sometime this summer or fall. 
The new independent living residences that make up Kingsboro at Lenbrook are called Flats and Villas and will be ready for occupancy sometime in early 2022. The Flats will offer 39 residences in a five-story building with a variety of floor plans ranging from 1,600 to 3,000 square feet. The Villas will have three buildings, each with four to five residences, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. Residents of Kingsboro at Lenbrook will be able to enjoy all of Lenbrook’s acclaimed services and amenities. 
The completed expansion will also benefit our existing residents in several ways. One of the first elements of the project will include a completely renovated motor court entrance. Current residents as well as Kingsboro at Lenbrook residents will all appreciate the addition of a new exit onto Kingsboro Road that will allow residents and visitors easy access onto Peachtree Road with a traffic light. Kingsboro at Lenbrook will also feature a new amenity space for all residents to enjoy – a rooftop event area perfect for special outdoor dining and recreation events. 
For more information about or interest in the Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion, please contact the Lenbrook Marketing Office at 404-264-3386.