Image for Building on Our Connection with Nature
I grew up sailing in and around the waters of St. Petersburg, Fla. Camping outdoors also became a favorite hobby of mine, one that my son now enjoys. To this day, I prefer to run and bike outdoors no matter what the weather may bring. Turns out, humans have an inherent inclination to affiliate with nature. It's a phenomenon called "biophilia," which is “a love of nature.” And today’s science confirms nature is inherently good for both our physical and mental wellbeing.  
Lenbrook has had a long-standing desire to bring nature into our environment and it was a significant design driver of our 2006 Lenox expansion and renovation. We're now applying nature-based design throughout our new Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion -- tapping the energy of the outside to continue to create the vibrancy inside that Lenbrook has become known for. 
Our Inherent Human-Nature Connection
With the help of our architects at THW Design, we're blending the elements of nature and the natural world into our new Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion site plan and buildings. We’re integrating nature and natural elements into our architecture, exteriors and interiors -- using color, art, windows, light, space, textures, natural materials and more -- to evoke the feelings of nature in our built surroundings. This “biophilic design” creates a noticeable inside and outside connection -- and strengthens our inherent human-nature connection to create vibrancy. 
Design Sets the Stage for Us to Flourish
Using nature-based design in our earlier years, and now with Kingsboro at Lenbrook, we're creating inviting spaces and opportunities for our residents to engage with each other and life. Design is important yes, but it's purposeful, biophilic design that sets the stage for people to flourish. 
One example is the new roof-top venue we will have at Kingsboro at Lenbrook, an amenity where all our residents can enjoy the outdoors across multiple seasons. Another is our planned two-story glass entry and commons area in the central residence building. You'll be able to see all the way through to our green plaza gardens in back. And the overall site plan and orientation for our new villas and apartments preserve the great views we now enjoy at Lenbrook and offer equally beautiful views from the Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion.  
Enjoying Nature Today
When I look around our existing campus, I can see and feel the benefits of biophilic design. There's an unmistakable energy you feel when you walk inside our community. Our beautiful entry is made of natural materials and streams in daylight from the glass connection between our indoor and outdoor spaces. Past the entry, we have our newly renovated Club dining venue which provides an inviting gathering place for, residents, family, and friends to enjoy with floor-to-ceiling windows for natural lighting. The Club space is the perfect setting to use its vibrant feeling to enhance several dining-driven social groups such as the Breakfast Club, Happy Hour and the newly created High Tea service.  
Our pool and wellness areas also incorporate natural lighting, live plants, and even ocean-like “wave” artwork hanging from the pool ceiling. Lenbrook's plaza gardens offer a variety of “outdoor rooms” for socializing and activities such as our amphitheater, "Wine at 5", outdoor dining, and special events. You can also find plenty of areas within our plaza gardens for quiet reflection, reading, walking, gardening, and just enjoying nature and being outside.
Take in the Views 
Come experience the energy, outdoors and striking views from our current campus any time. Just call 404-948-6318. And, while you're here, look at our site plan and renderings for Kingsboro at Lenbrook. You'll see how biophilic design is setting the stage for us to flourish at Lenbrook for years to come. 
Chris Keysor is President and Chief Executive Officer of Lenbrook. His passion for the senior living industry began early in his career as a CPA with KPMG Peat Marwick. Chris progressed in executive responsibilities over the years, working for a senior healthcare provider, healthcare financing organizations and senior living consulting groups. Chris is also a nationally ranked Ironman triathlete, which he says comes in handy raising his two young children with his wife here in Atlanta.