Image for Lenbrook Residents Celebrate Kindness with Kindness

“It all started with this email that we received from one of our Lenbrook neighbors,” notes Richard Conway, President of Lenbrook’s Residents Association. 

“I sent a check to Chris Keysor, Lenbrook President and CEO, and asked him to use it as a thank you gift to Lenbrook Associates who are taking such good care of us, sometimes even at a risk to themselves and their families and also to help a little with any financial needs. This made me feel good and I hope you will find out for yourself how good it feels!”

“It really spoke to us – and after discussing it with Chris Keysor, the Residents Association decided to invite our entire community to participate in saying “Thank You” in a meaningful way. Now our special Thank You campaign has taken off like a rocket, and after a little more than a week, we have already collected more than $25,000 for our Associates.”

Inspired by their neighbor, Richard and his wife Barbara Conway, who have lived at Lenbrook since 2016, wrote a letter to Lenbrook’s more than 480 residents who are sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We all are so impressed and delighted by the many services we receive from each and every one of our 250+ associates during this very difficult time. We need to support and show our care and our love for them,” says Mr. Conway. “They are doing a fabulous job for us while they are also balancing their family, possibly with children home from school, as well as transportation and other issues.”

The community-wide Thank You campaign is all about returning kindness with kindness. 

“Our Associates keep us going. They prepare and deliver our meals, clean, take out the trash, maintain our buildings, bring around all our packages and mail, take care of our cars sitting idly in the garage, and do so much more. Even though they’re all wearing masks and are often already halfway down the hall when we open our front doors, we see the smiles in their eyes and notice their positive can-do attitude,” explains Mrs. Conway.

Lenbrook’s residents are known for their generosity. An Associate Hardship Fund was established years ago and continues to provide support as needed. Recently, when Lenbrook launched its “Backpack Buddies” program to help feed school children in Dresden Elementary School’s Title 1 Food Assistance Program, $6,000 was raised in just one afternoon, and an additional $2,000 the following week, and more than 70 residents volunteered on the spot.

Donations to this specific Thank You campaign benefiting Lenbrook’s Associates can be made until May 1, and funds will be distributed to all Associates as soon as possible.

“We’re already thinking about how we can celebrate the end to this difficult time. We really miss each other!” smile the Conways. “But right now, it is important to show our Associates how much we appreciate them and everything they are doing for us even as weeks are turning into months. Their hard work and especially their kindness to all of us is invaluable.”