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Lenbrook Technology Ambassadors Help Fellow Residents Embrace K4 Community

With the roll-out of the K4Community app in 2019, Lenbrook officially became Georgia’s first smart senior living community. The intuitive, easy-to-use smart technology solution, designed by K4Connect and created specifically for residents, staff and operators of communities like Lenbrook, features several ways to stay in touch safely and securely. K4Connect can be downloaded to any smart device and has a simple, elegant interface. 

K4 allows residents to easily access Lenbrook community information and K4 is the first place Lenbrook posts up-to-date information, including the weekly COVID-19 Town Hall Briefs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, events remain important, but they are now virtual. The Lenbrook residents can access an up to date daily schedule in K4 listed in the EVENTS tile. News and notices are being posted in the NEWS and NOTICES tiles, and we are proud to also announce the VIDEOS. 

Prior to the roll-out of K4, Lenbrook selected two top in-house ‘ambassadors’ to help with the introduction of the app to their fellow residents: Drs. Judy Franz and Jim Cochrane. 

Dr. Judy Franz is a condensed matter physicist, educator and the former Executive Officer of the American Physical Society. She received her B.A in physics in 1959 from Cornell University and pursued graduate studies in physics at the University of Illinois where she earned a master's degree in 1961 and a Ph.D. in 1965. Fun fact: In 1958, she took the first undergraduate computer course every offered at Cornell.

Dr. Jim Cochrane, a ten-year resident of Lenbrook and premier member of Lenbrook’s Geezer Squad, has an impressive technical background.  He holds B.S. and master’s degrees from Georgia Tech and a Ph.D. from NYU.  During his long career programming and designing computer systems, he held impressive positions with companies such as Honeywell, Bell Laboratories and Scientific Atlanta. 

“Our role as ambassador is to inform and inspire – we are here to encourage other residents to install and really use the app. We can help with the one-time set up, and we enjoy showing our neighbors how easy it is to navigate within the app,” according to Dr. Cochrane.

“The reminders are very helpful,” notes Dr. Franz. Other benefits of K4 are that you can read the latest newsletter online. Lenbrook’s residents and staff love using this smart technology.”

Lenbrook is rolling out K4 in phases. The first phase is the information platform with existing residents. Upon moving in, every new resident will be shown how to use K4, and when the Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion opens, additional ‘smart’ capabilities will be offered. 

“This app is such a smart tool for all of us to use. It really makes our lives easier and more connected at the same time,” smile Lenbrook’s technology ambassadors.

Thank you to Drs. Franz and Cochrane for all your work to make the implementation of K4Community a success from Day One!