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As Lenbrook’s Fitness Manager, it’s is remarkable to see how many Lenbrook residents, some at a very advanced age, enjoy our state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Our Fitness Center is vital to the long-term wellbeing of all of Lenbrook’s residents, and every Lenbrook resident, after completing his or her health questionnaire and other documents needed for complimentary membership, has unlimited access. During regular times, we offer a wide variety of group classes and access to our magnificent and sparkling indoor pool and our top-of-the-line workout machines.

We were able to re-open the Fitness Center again on a limited basis, after it closed due to the threat of spreading COVID-19. However, during the time that the residents could not visit us, we were able to bring the Fitness Center to them! We hosted a 3-week long initiative, Road to Wellness, to help make healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging small healthy habits, such as 10+ minutes of exercise per day, drinking enough water, and reading daily.

We also established Fitness Stations in Lenbrook’s Plaza Garden and hosted virtual group fitness classes on Lenbrook’s internal TV channel. In addition, we set up a NIFS Virtual Fitness Library with a variety of resources to keep body and mind engaged.

I have been working with seniors since I was fourteen years old. Today, I have a BS in Exercise Science and extensive fitness experience in senior communities, and just received my ACSM (American College of Sports) Certification as exercise physiologist. I just love to show residents how exercise can be fun – not work. 

We camouflage exercise as play, and it is so rewarding to see how people respond with joy – while at the same time building up their strength and flexibility. I also enjoy teaching one-on-one balance training and functional training to help give seniors an increased level of confidence, which then affects their overall quality of life. Our Health Fitness Specialist,  Charles Bartlett, works with people with neurological impairments. Often, physical exercise is shown to help people with dementia, neuropathy and other ailments, as it improves overall brain health.

Pathway to Fitness: 
This program, which offers a senior fitness evaluation and several one-on-one sessions before a recommendation is made, is designed for residents who wish to work on specific goals with a personal trainer. Personal training is available at a fee.

“Fitness is such an important part of well-being. We are very pleased to be here and help every Lenbrook resident find their favorite fitness activity – at -home or in our magnificent Fitness Center!”