Image for Moved by the Power of Love

Throughout our lives, we all make a number of important moves – and often, these moves are powered by love. More than likely, you’ve moved with your family as you were growing up; you moved away to school, to join the service or to accept a new job; you moved when you found your true love and started your own family. Sometimes, making the move was easy, but sometimes, it took a lot of late-night talks with the people who loved - and love - you.

Moving to Lenbrook can be an important lifestyle change for both you - and your family. That’s why it is wise to involve your adult children in the decision-making process and make a plan together - the people who love you the most want only the very best for you!

Having the Talk

When you invite your children to ‘have the talk’ to discuss your move, you will want to talk about the continuum of care that Lenbrook offers, and its focus on health and wellness.

You will also want to consider the fact that you no longer need to worry about the upkeep of your home and garden, and that Lenbrook offers beautiful amenities and grounds, and a variety of dining venues. This may be a good time to discuss practical matters with your family as well, such as finances, the sale of your home, a timeline for the move, and even what you plan to do with great-grandmother’s beautiful armoire.

And know that at Lenbrook, together with your loved ones, we are also here for you every step of the way.

Our move-in managers are standing by to provide you and your adult children practical advice and support prior to and during the actual move. Then, when you have settled into your bright and spacious new home, you will find that you have become part of a lively and engaged community - where it is easy to make new friends and enjoy a variety of activities in a beautiful environment in the heart of Buckhead.

There are so many reasons to move to Lenbrook, and they vary for each person. But with the help of your loved ones, you can together determine that NOW is the right time for you – and that Lenbrook is the right place. And by doing so, you are able to give your family members peace of mind, truly one of the very best gifts you can ever give them.

By involving your adult children in your decision-making process, you will receive the strength and understanding you need during this time from the people you love. Your move will be ‘powered by love.’