Image for Connections Always Essential to Spiritual Wellness

The holidays are over, and the dark days of winter are upon us. That alone is enough to make our spirits sag. Add to that the lingering pandemic, worries about health, family, and finances, and national events -- all coming together to create the perfect storm for feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression.

Let’s face it, we’re in a tough time.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for feelings of unhappiness. Experts recommend a healthy lifestyle -- good food, regular exercise -- and maintaining connections to help alleviate symptoms of depression. If symptoms become worse, professional help is needed.

In addition, to help cope with these dark days, Lenbrook’s Spiritual Wellness Team recommends:

  • Spend a few minutes outside when the weather cooperates. Being in the sunshine and breathing fresh air can clear your head and lift your spirits.
  • Create a low-stress environment. Keep to a routine by eating at regular times, sleeping 7-9 hours a night, carrying on with your favorite hobby, and taking all medications that have been prescribed.
  • Maintain connections. Although more difficult during the pandemic, reach out to family members and friends by phone and email. Learn how to use technology like FaceTime and Zoom. Stay active in the community where socially distant activities are offered to keep your mind focused and feelings uplifted by interacting with others.

At Lenbrook, we recognize that spiritual wellness is essential to the health of our entire community -- residents and associates alike. Regardless of your faith or beliefs, the experience of seeking meaning and purpose is a universal and powerful component of identity and wellbeing.

The Lenbrook Spiritual Wellness Team is led by two full-time, on-site chaplains working in tandem with community clergy and other leaders representing multiple faiths, beliefs, and traditions, and those who do not have a faith tradition. The Team also works closely with our LIVE (Lenbrook Individuals are Vital & Engaged) Team to provide a full continuum of spiritual assistance and social services support. Sensitivity, respect, and inclusiveness always guide our efforts to serve others.

Most importantly, you are not alone on this journey. Even when times change, spring comes, and the world seems safe again, it’s important to maintain your spiritual wellness. Our Team is always here to listen and help you find hope and peace.