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“If I had only realized sooner what a big impact it would have on my lifestyle, I would have moved to Lenbrook earlier!”

After I moved from my home to Lenbrook in March of 2019, I experienced an unexpected emotion. Moving to my new, charming home in this gorgeous luxury community felt quite liberating!

Letting go of household items, clothes and mementos that no longer ‘sparked joy’ for me helped me curate a new life for myself – today I really do feel lighter and easier! I have found new energy to focus on wellness, a wide variety of activities, and new friendships among the almost five hundred seniors who also call Lenbrook home. Here, at Lenbrook, I enjoy living independently and comfortably, and I truly feel part of a vibrant community - with the best service you can imagine!

My daughter helped create the a lovely home for me at Lenbrook in the Brookhaven Tower. It is a true jewel-box where I am surrounded by the art and memories I cherish. I enjoy Lenbrook’s beautiful green setting in the heart of Buckhead and just steps from my new front door I find Lenbrook’s top-notch amenities, such as its fitness center and spa-like pool, five restaurants, classrooms, a theater, and so much more.

Yes, moving to a smaller home means saying goodbye to many different things – a treasured piece of furniture that suddenly proves too large, and all those electric tools in the basement that no one had touched in a number of years. But it also means not ever having to worry again about thorny maintenance issues and the upkeep of the yard - and those large swaying trees that might come down in a future storm!

Also, and this is very important to me and my children, I don’t have to worry about my safety and security. I am delighted that Lenbrook offers a continuum of care that benefits me today and tomorrow.

So, take it from me: If you have been considering a move to a smaller home – think big! Think about all that Lenbrook has to offer, and how much impact this move could have on you and on your family. You will agree: Moving smaller to a beautiful home in Lenbrook will both simplify and amplify your life!