Image for Pets Loving Life at Lenbrook

Life at Lenbrook is the best! My owner Ruth is from Philly and named me Rocky Balboa just like the movie character. I guess she thinks I’m a tough dog too. I came here as a puppy when my owner adopted me and I love it. Every day, I wake up, eat, and then I get to ride in the elevator down to the greatest dog park in the world. After that, I like to come home and sleep in the sun. In nice weather I relax on the terrace with Ruth. Occasionally, we also like to sit at the Lenbrook entrance. There are always people coming and going. We sit together and greet people as they come in. Most of them stop and say hi and I get pats and sometimes treats. All I have to do is look cute which is easy for me.

Ruth says she would not have moved to Lenbrook if she couldn’t have a pet. Lenbrook makes it easy with plenty of places to walk  and they even provide resources for a dog walker and pet sitting when I need it. We keep each other company and Ruth says I never disagree with her.

My name is Sasha and I live at Lenbrook too. My owner Peggie and I moved here about eight years ago. I love to go for walks with her in my pretty pink stroller. Everyone knows my name and is happy to see me. Lots of people stop and say hi to us. We get so much attention, it’s like we’re celebrities! We spend lots of time stopping and chatting with our neighbors on our way outside. There are also great smells at Lenbrook. Not only do I smell other pets and people, when we stroll by, I can smell the kitchen. Every day there is a delicious smell coming from there. I’m not allowed to eat there but Peggie can. She says there are five different places to eat at Lenbrook or we can eat at home. I love the leftovers either way.

We also spend time inside helping some of the other residents who are not feeling well. Peggie says it’s good therapy for them. Seeing me and petting me seems to cheer them up. She also says that having me around makes her feel good -- it gives her someone else to love. I do my best to make sure Peggie and the other residents are happy!