Image for Our Mission -- Keeping Residents Safe

What do most adult children want for their parents as they get older? A safe place to live. Adult children want to know that their parents are living in a safe place, so they don’t have to worry. That’s one of the reasons why it’s advantageous for residents to live in a senior community like Lenbrook.

Coming to Lenbrook in 2008 as Director of Security, I have the responsibility of overseeing Lenbrook’s security, but the community has delivered outstanding physical security for its residents for more than 35 years. The gated entrance off Peachtree Road in the Buckhead community of Atlanta is a model of efficiency where visitors and vendors are carefully verified for the purpose of their visit.

Located just inside the front entry, the concierge is also part of our security team. Their job is more than welcoming visitors but to also further screen anyone who arrives at Lenbrook. The concierge is also the “nerve center” of the community as they receive incoming calls, answer questions, and coordinate services. Our valet service and chauffeured limousine service are also supervised by Lenbrook security. Our drivers undergo a driving and security assessment prior to being hired at Lenbrook and they are also trained in hospitality service that elevates the experience to that of a 5-star hotel.

Our in-house team of Lenbrook security officers is comprised of many Veterans and former law enforcement personnel. Their training and experience provide an ideal way to maintain security while at the same time remaining friendly and courteous to residents, families, associates, vendors, and visitors. Other security measures, including a secure perimeter, access-controlled entry points, strategically placed intercoms, sophisticated surveillance systems, and a 24/7 response staff – all work to continuously provide Lenbrook’s invisible security net.

The value of strong safety and security can never be overestimated and for seniors and their loved ones, the kind of safety and security that surrounds and supports Lenbrook’s residents provides true peace of mind.