Image for On the Same Page: Lenbrook Library Committee Facilitates Major Donation

Recently, Lenbrook resident and Chair of the Lenbrook Library Committee Bernard Goldstein received a glowing letter from Medeana Hinson, Director of Library Services for the Georgia Department of Corrections, thanking him, the Lenbrook Library Committee, and other Lenbrook residents for realizing a donation of more than 800 books to prison libraries all over Georgia.

Here is part of what the letter said: “As usual, the variety of genres included in the donation was amazing. As I unpacked and shelved the books in our donation center, I was excited to be able to fill many requests from our prison librarians. Georgia’s 84 correctional facilities house individuals from all walks of life and with many different interests, skills, and backgrounds. […] We were especially excited to find several Westerns! That is our most requested genre!”

Library Services is a branch of the Academic Education unit inside Georgia Department of Corrections. Both fall under the umbrella of Inmate Services, the division that seeks to reduce recidivism and change lives by providing meaningful educational and re-entry opportunities. Research indicates that reading is fundamental to these initiatives.

Throughout the year, the Lenbrook Library receives many books from new and current residents, and the Library Committee regularly needs to create space for these new additions. They decided that donating the extras to Georgia’s prison libraries was an excellent way to share their love of reading and learning. The Library Committee is just another example of how engaged and thoughtful our residents are!

Or, as Ms. Hinson writes: “I would like to express my gratitude one more time for your generosity and kindness. Your donation is helping us provide the key to making Georgia a safer place for us all.”


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