Image for K4 Technology Keeps Residents and Families Connected
Keeping residents connected is always an important issue for Lenbrook but during pandemic-related restrictions, it became even more vital. One of the ways connections were sustained was through technology called K4 Community. Initially, K4 debuted at Lenbrook in 2019 and provided basic functionality and access to dining menus and events. Fortunately, the updated version came out during 2020 and the resident response was tremendous. More residents started using the app and found it an excellent way to manage all the exciting events and information at Lenbrook. Also, families of residents can download a version so they can see menus, virtual activities, movies, and outdoor fitness opportunities that are taking place at Lenbrook. K4 also provides access to news, events, and town halls for families to view so they can remain updated on most everything happening at Lenbrook.
K4 is easy. Users simply download the app to a smart phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop to gain access and a Lenbrook associate is available to help. Some users download the app on all their devices to better view it on a different-sized screens. Residents have a secured version that includes access to the resident directory so they can call and text each other through the app. The pandemic caused even the least tech savvy residents to learn how to use it. Once they realized how simple it was, they used it more and more! Now that most restrictions have lifted, K4 is used by residents to make dinner reservations, book an excursion, and make plans with friends.
An essential benefit for new residents is that all the information they need to know is in one easily accessible place. They don’t have to try and remember everything on move-in day, they can pull up the app and see what they need to know at that moment. In addition, there is a group of 5-6 Lenbrook residents who are ambassadors for K4. They help residents with tips and tricks, and encourage all to use the app.
What a benefit K4 was during the lockdown. We heard from many residents that their family was able to see what was happening at Lenbrook and they could easily text other residents to check in or have a conversation. Some even planned to watch the same movie and talk about it while it aired just like the younger generation! There was a sense of comfort on both sides – residents and families felt better connected. It also kept residents’ minds active by learning something new and how to use it on a daily basis.