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I start nearly every afternoon with a nice long bike ride. My favorite local trails are along the Chattahoochee River and the Roswell-Alpharetta Greenway. This has been part of my routine for years and moving to the new Kingsboro at Lenbrook expansion didn’t change that at all. You might say that my move to Lenbrook was a short one – I lived just a couple of blocks away on Wieuca Road in the same house for 55 years. Atlanta and that house became my first real home after attending Syracuse University for my undergraduate degree and then the University of Michigan for my law degree. In 1966, I moved to Atlanta to work for a local law firm and then opened my own practice where I worked for 30 years focusing on corporate and tax law. After retiring in 2012, I biked around Europe. Every place I visited was remarkable. Then I decided to move to Lenbrook when the new expansion at Kingsboro was announced. 
At first, moving after living in the same house for 55 years seemed daunting but the move-in coordinators at Lenbrook helped make the move amazingly smooth. I was the third person to move into the expansion and it offered a ground floor residence which I wanted. I was also impressed with the design and architecture, and the convenience of the covered passageway that connected the expansion to the entire community. One of the most important reasons I chose Lenbrook is that it is a non-profit organization. That is attractive to me because the profit goes back into the community – the buildings, programs, and people -- rather than to a third party. For me, Lenbrook is the best of all worlds.
Now that I’ve moved into Lenbrook, it has exceeded my expectations. I still enjoy my bike rides and now have access to a complete fitness center, concerts, lectures, and fine dining. There are a lot of interesting people who live here – from all walks of life, professions, and businesses. We enjoy talking over a morning coffee as well as winding down the day at Happy Hour. I’m finding there are a lot of volunteer opportunities too – that’s next on my list to explore.