Image for Lenbrook Develops Plans to 'Play Offense' at Strategic Retreat

Bi-annually Lenbrook hosts a Strategic Retreat where Lenbrook’s Management Team meets with the Board of Directors to set strategic direction for the organization.

In February, Lenbrook invited noted educator, speaker, consultant, and author, Dr. Francis L. Battisti, PhD to facilitate the latest retreat, titled: Playing Offense.

“It’s smart to use a professional facilitator to lead our retreat for stakeholders, including resident leaders, Lenbrook’s Board of Directors, CEO and senior staff as well as special guests from our residents and associates. We appreciate how each person impacts and influences our operations, goals, and aspirations,” said Jerry Warshaw, Lenbrook Board of Directors Chairman. 

Dr. Battisti’s national reputation in the fields of motivation, health enhancement, organizational development, and conflict disposition is manifest in his work with numerous associations, including LeadingAge, corporations, major healthcare organizations, and congressional and other government committees. Some of the questions discussed in small groups during the Lenbrook Retreat included: 

* What gives life to this organization?
* How do you sparkle?
* Can you share a story of the best experience you had working here that made you feel most alive and involved?
* What have you accomplished and discovered about yourself, even during the difficult past 24 months, that you want to bring to the future?

To create a meaningful retreat experience, Dr. Battisti emphasized the need for trust among all participants, which included a panel of residents as well as a panel of associates this year. Throughout the retreat the discussions were led by asking positive, reaffirming questions. “It is important to identify the positive core of the Lenbrook organization. At this retreat, we worked to describe the clarity of the value and vision of Lenbrook, and we also focused again on the mission of Lenbrook, and how we can continue to drive performance to align with the mission.”

“With the help of our facilitator we assess how we are doing, if our mission, vision, and strategic goals are still relevant or if course adjustments are needed. The lessons we learned help shape our thinking and decision-making going forward,” according to Mr. Warshaw.  

Lenbrook’s Mission:
To enable our residents to enjoy the gifts of independence, good health, and personal fulfillment to the fullest extent possible through Lenbrook’s many programs and services.

Abut Dr. Francis Battisti:
Dr. Battisti is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at SUNY Broome Community College, where he was admitted to The State University of New York Distinguished Professorship for Service Academy and also a Recipient of the State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has also been recognized by “The Morning Knights Toastmasters Award” for Excellence in Communication and Leadership. The Alzheimer’s Association Central New York Chapter as the honoree of the “Memory Makers Award” for his efforts to make the Southern Tier a better place to live and work. He is also the recipient of “The David Malcom Award”, in recognition of his Exemplary Service to the Homeless.